Saturday, May 17, 2014

REASON / Beyond The Dark Horizon (EP, 2014)

After the release of their really solid "The Darkest Star" full-length album, REASON is back with the brand new EP "Beyond The Dark Horizon". The new EP includes three new tracks but, also, a bonus track, "Rise", that is produced by the legendary Beau Hill.

The band with its debut achieved to release a well-crafted album that included some excellent progressive hard rock tunes with plenty of melodies, solid arrangements and very good performances as well.

So, as I already mentioned above, nowadays Reason is releasing its brand new EP with the title "Beyond The Dark Horizon" and it's about another great sample of the abilities of this awesome band.

The first new track is the simply stunning "Fire Eternal". A 'dark' but extremely melodic hard rock tune that impressed me at once! Great arrangements, a haunting melody, very good guitar lines, a catchy chorus line and some progressive pinches for the extra flavor! Superb stuff! Next, "Sacrifice" is another highlight! Heavier with the progressive elements more obvious than "Fire Eternal" while in "Synchronized" the band delivers a simply breathtaking tune. Classic melodic hard rock/metal stuff that is featuring a huge harmony and some great guitar lines. Last one, "Rise" (that is included in their debut), is a straight-forward rocker with an 80's vibe.

In my review of the band's debut, I said that I was impressed by these guys and I was expecting bigger things in the future. With their new stuff, all my expectations are full-filled. Even if there are only three new songs here, "Beyond The Dark Horizon" seems to be the perfect appetizer for the band's next full-length work!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
1. Synchronized
2. Fire Eternal
3. Sacrifice
4. Rise (Bonus) (Beau Hill Remix)

Reason Are
Paul Mace (Vocals)
Chris Gyngell (Guitars)
Graham Corbett (Bass)
John Townsend (Drums)
Gil Hird (Keyboards)

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