Saturday, May 10, 2014

21 OCTAYNE / Into The Open (2014)

21 OCTAYNE is a new band featuring well-known musicians such as Hagen Grohe-vocals (The Joe Perry Project), Marco Wriedt-guitars (Axxis) , Andrew “The Bullet” Lauer-bass (PAUL GILBERT) and Alex Landenburg-drums (Rhapsody). After gaining extensive experience in the music business including recording albums and touring worldwide, the time felt right for them to form a new band that embraced their individual styles. So, 21 Octayne is born!

The music here is not simple; it contains some really amazing guitar riffs and solos, powerful arrangements, superb vocal performances and a musicianship strong as a rock. The style is a bit complex 'cause you can't categorize 21 Octayne under a label. You can hear some really impressive classic heavy rock tracks, some 'darker' tunes with progressive pinches but, also, some funkier touches here and there. The production is solid and the final result is overall great.

"She's Killing Me", the opener here, is the perfect appetizer of what's coming-up next! Groovy with a monstrous riffing, powerful vocal lines and a chorus to sing-a-long for days. Great track! "Dear Friend" is a 'darker', more complex and heavier, at moments, song with a 'modern' rock air and it is among the highlights from this record. "Turn The World" features a great melody, a sweet guitar line, a more commercial sound and it's the absolute highlight here. Love this one! Classic hard rock lines in "Don't Turn Away" while "My Teddy Bear" includes a funkier 'touch'. "Into The Open" is yet another killer track; dark and heavy with a melancholic vibe and some really impressive guitar lines! Killer stuff, just killer! "Me, Myself And I" is movin' to some alternative, modern rock paths and "The Heart(Save Me)" is a blasting funkier/rocker. Next, "Your Life" is another very good modern heavy rock gem while in "I Will Always Be Right There" we have an amazing ballad filled with a beautiful and so emotional melody, soul-full vocals and overall this is an extremely beautiful song. "Leave My Head" is heavy to the bone, reminded me a bit of Adrenaline Mob's latest work, and the song that closes this album "Come Alive" is a positive rocker featuring a catchy chorus line.

Bottom line is that 21 Octayne's "Into The Open" is a brilliant record! Yes, this album hit me like a thunder and left me hungry for more. It's heavy and at the same time extremely melodic, it's complex, beautiful, it contains tons of melodies and catchy choruses to sing-a-long for days and at the end leaves you with a so sweet taste that makes you wanna hear it again and again. Please do a favor to yourself and check this gem right away. One of the highlights of 2014 and an album that set nomination for the album of this year!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 10/10

Track List :
01. She’s Killing Me
02. Dear Friend
03. Turn The World
04. Don’t Turn Away
05. My Teddy Bear
06. Into The Open
07. Me Myself And I
08. The Heart (Save Me)
09. Your Life
10. I Will Always Be Right There *
11. Leave My Head *
12. Come Alive *

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