Saturday, May 10, 2014

Party Animals / Light A Fan Cool (2014)

PARTY ANIMALS was founded in 2012 and the idea was to create a band that could perform live songs from bands from the greatest hard rock/glam acts of the 80's. In a short time, Party Animals realized that they had they right ideas to compose their own songs and so, and after a couple of line-up changes, the four rockers entered the studio.

In March of 2012, this female hard rock band released its debut EP, "Rock 'n' Roll", and received positive reviews from the press. They played in several gigs (including the legendary Whiskey A Go Go) but after that their lead singer, Sabrina, left the band. With the addition of a new singer, Andre, Party Animals continue and nowadays the band presents its debut album which is entitled "Light A Fan Cool" (is a wordplay based on the similarity with an expression from the band’s hometown (Udine) that means “F#%k off!).

The album kicks-off with the in-your-face rocker "Fuck You Baby"! A Motley Crue influenced rocker that includes a cool guitar riff, solid arrangements and most of all attitude!!! "Damned Road" includes a groovier sound while in "Set Me Free" we have a brilliant and punchier heavy rocker with, again, a great riff! "Hellfire", "Whiskey Sour" and the Cinderella-esque mid-tempo "Lace And Spurs" are good samples of the Party Animals music.

All in all, this is a solid album. Party Animals achieve to recapture the sound of the glory 80's, early 90's, scene mixing their influences in a very good way without loosing their own identity.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7,5/10

Track Listing :
1. Fuck You Baby
2. Damned Road *
3. Set Me Free
4. A New Day
5. I Wanna Get It All
6. Hellfire
7. Lace And Spurs
8. Whiskey Sour
9. Party Animals
10. Light A Fan Cool **


Andre - lead vocals
Max - guitar
Gian - bass
Ile - drums

* Guitar solo by Riccardo Asquini **Special Guest Cristian Tavano. Recorded and mixed by Riccardo Asquini at Saojo Studios (Reana Del Royale, Udine, Italy). Mastered by Riccardo Asquini at Black Mirror Studios.

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