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INTERVIEW : Jakob Svensson (Wigelius)

"...Wigelius with their debut album, "Reinventions", left us hungry for more! For more melodies, for more catchy songs and generally for more good music. Nowadays, the band released its brand new single "Please, please, please" which is the perfect appetizer of what to expect from its up-coming new album later this year. Jakob Svensson, the guitarist of Wigelius is back again to Heavy Paradise to share some really interesting things about the new Wigelius record but also some other cool stuff. Enjoy!...."
                                                   Reviewer Vassilis Hassirtzoglou
Heavy Paradise : Hello, Jake, it’s really a pleasure to have you back in Heavy Paradise for another interview!

Jakob : Hi! Thanks for having me back!! Always a pleasure talking to you guys!

Heavy Paradise : You guys in Wigelius left us hungry with your catchy single “Please, please, please”! Really awesome tune, Jake! Can you give us a ‘picture’ of how the new album will sound and when it’s gonna be released? Are there going to be differences between the debut and the new one?

Jakob: Thanks man!! I’m glad you liked it!
We really feel that we’re on the right path here. The new tracks are a good projection of where we wanna go sonically. We’re aiming for a tighter sound with some modern stuff thrown in there. It’s just like before with lots of guitars and huge drums but with a smother production. I just have to mention that Eric is an extremely talented producer and engineer. And the way we can discuss and come up with everything in the studio is just killer!   
This release is going to be different from the debut for sure and we can only hope that people will like it even better!
We’re so blessed finding Pär Winberg at Atenzia Records that really believes in us and lets us go our own way! The new album will hopefully be out this fall!

Heavy Paradise : In “Reinventions”, Anders and Erik were the main songwriters except from “Right Here, Right Now” that you co-wrote it with. The new album will be a result of a more team work regarding of the songwriting?

Jakob : Yeah! Nowadays the three of us are co-writing almost all the new stuff! And it’s a fun process! We complement each other in a great way and we try out all ideas before we decide whether to keep them or not. In fact, this goes so well that we’re overfed with new material! Haha!!

Heavy Paradise : From where you draw your ideas to compose music, Jake? What are the things that inspire you most?

Jakob :Oh, that’s a tricky question! I think I’m inspired by everything I’ve ever heard and all the people I’ve played with over the years. But the easiest way to analyze it is that I’m a sucker for great melodies!
A friend of mine once told me, when we were going through one of my playlists: “Jake, you only like songs that are meant to be sung from the top of a mountain” Hahaha! He could be right… But really I’m into lots of music!
As for my guitar parts I’m also thinking in the line of melodies and what fits the song best! I always go from what I hear in my head before I start recording it. If someone not working with music can sing along with one of my solos I’m a happy man! =) But of course as a guitar player I’m also in to the shred thing but I think that stuff has to be played in the right context.

Heavy Paradise : In your debut, you had the valuable help of Harry Hess and Daniel Flores who mastered and produced the album respectively. Are they both going to be part of the new album, too?

Jakob :No, all cred goes to Eric! =) He’s amazing!!
We had a blast working with Daniel and Harry but now we can really focus and take the time to sculpture the songs the way we want them. As I’ve said before, we wouldn’t be here without Daniel and we’re so grateful for that!
We did an opening act for Harem Scarem last year and it was great to finally meet Harry in person but it’s so much easier just working within the band nowadays. We’re complementing each other and that goes from writing the songs to arrange them and finally polish them together.  

Heavy Paradise : Let’s get back to your new single “Please, please, please”. As I already said above, this new one is extremely catchy and I love it! Are you satisfied by the feedback so far? Is there going to be a video-clip?

Jakob :Yeah! Thanks mate!!
We’re overthrown with great feedback on these new tracks! And we want to send our love to all of you that believe in us! We know we have killer record coming out this year and we’re really proud of what we’ve done so far! We hope not to disappoint you guys!
We haven’t planned any video as I’m writing this but I think there’s a great chance for that with the next single!

Heavy Paradise : Both H.E.A.T. and Dynazty released some really impressive albums this year!  You guys, with your debut left a promise of some bigger things in the near future. Now, do you believe, the future comes to prove that WIGELIUS has a lot to offer and to be one of leaders in the Euro melodic rock scene? What does the word ‘recognition’ mean to you? 

Jakob : It’s really up to you guys to decide! =)
If I may be a little philosophical here, I don’t believe in competing in music. I know some of the guys from Dynazty and they’re just great and I’m a big fan of H.E.A.T.’s music! Variety is a good thing!
We’re doing this from the bottom of our hearts and we’re all thinking of WIGELIUS as a life-project! If people like what we do we’re even happier!!

Heavy Paradise :  With which bands would you be delighted to play with in a gig? Are there plans for live performances to promote your new music?

Jakob :That really doesn’t matter as long as the audience is with us! Of course we would be delighted to play with our big heroes like Whitesnake, ToTo, Journey… but so far we’re really glad with the response we’ve got on stage! It’s amazing when people sing along with the songs and when we played in Madrid last year the crowd was tearing it up! We’d love to do that again and we’d love to come out and play more shows in Europe. When we’re done with the studio stuff we’re aiming towards that!

Heavy Paradise : Closing this interview Jake, is there something else that you wanna add or something to tell to your fans?

Jakob :I’d like to thank Heavy Paradise for taking the time to do this interview! To all our fans – we love you!
Keep track of the new things coming out on our Facebook-page and website!

Heavy Paradise : Thanks, mate, for this interview. I want to wish you and Wigelius all the best for your future plans and one last thing....keep on releasing great music!!!

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