Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ART NATION, the new exciting Rock sensation from Sweden! Debut album will be released in 2014 / Metal Heaven Records

Starting out as Diamond Dawn in 2011, quickly worked their way up the rock n roll community. The band was early recognized by a wide audience and several record labels for their energetic live shows, well crafted songs and striking musicianship. Within 1 year a worldwide record deal with the renowned Frontiers Records was inked, and the band started working on their debut album. 

Overdrive was released in early 2013 and the band quickly became a favourite among melodic rock fans around the world. After touring Sweden throughout 2013 the band decided that it was time for a new chapter to be written. Alexander had no intention to slow down, but merely to refine their product, to Art Nation .Now, as of 2014, the Alex are back together with Christoffer Borg(Taste) and Theodor Hedström(Art Far Away), and the name of the game is ART NATION. Better than ever, more exciting than ever and with more material than ever the band is set to release a debut album 2014. Until then you're just gonna have to stay tuned, 'cause no one knows what fun stuff that just might pop up right here!

Alexander Strandell - Vocals
Christoffer Borg- Guitars
Theodor Hedström- Guitars
Simon Gudmundsson- Bas
Anton Olsson- Drums
Mathias Niemand- Keyboard

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