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TEMPERANCE is a new born modern melodic hard 'n' heavy band and with its debut opus its ready to make some noise in the metal world! Temperance's musicians all have the skills and abilities to take their band to a higher level in the near future, that's sure. Heavy Paradise talked with Giulio Capone (drums/keys) and Temperance's amazing singer Chiara about this really impressive debut, the band's future plans and some other interesting stuff!

Heavy Paradise : I would like to welcome Temperance to Heavy Paradise and to congratulate you guys for your fantastic debut album!

Giulio: Thanks a lot to ALL the Hellas metalheads there!!!

Heavy Paradise : Before starting this interview, would you like to tell our readers some things about the band?

Giulio: While Temperance is a very young brand, its musicians are quite experienced since they played with many different bands during the last 14 years. After we disbanded our old band we decided to go on with the same line up, expect for the singer Chiara who is the new entry, and to break all the rules we had in music. So we simply started to write music and lyrics without any boundaries of genre, label, style or what else. This is how Temperance was born and we are really proud of what we achieved and how we did it:) The current line up is me, Giulio at the drums and keyboards, Marco at lead guitars and clean male vocals, Sandro at rhythmic guitars, Chiara at the lead vocals and Luca at the bass guitar.
The band, in despite of the young "age" of our history is solid and able to play live so be ready for us eheh

Heavy Paradise : I saw that Simone Mularoni is responsible for the album’s mixing and mastering; how did you get in contact with Simone and how helpful was this collaboration?

Giulio: We recorded the whole album at our studios then we thought to have a different "touch" in our sound and the Simone was the best choice for us. We worked to reach a very modern and powerful sound but with many artistic influences which could be our secret weapon. To be honest I don't know how to label our debut album since there are so many elements and so many moods.

Heavy Paradise : In my review, I categorized your debut as modern melodic metal, with some progressive elements as well. Do you accept this label?

Giulio: As I told you I'm not going to label our music but your review describe quite well what we set as our goal. Something fresh and modern with some progressive both aggressive elements. We all think it's a very positive feature not to be the easiest band to label. It means we reached something new somehow. The very first song we've released "TO BE WITH YOU" is a catchy song for sure but, as you know, the album features heavier songs with also dramatic parts and uncommon arrangements.

Heavy Paradise : Who is the main songwriter in Temperance?

Chiara: The songs are written mainly by Giulio and Marco, but of course every single member of the band is involved in the developmental process of each track. It has been an amazing experience for us to work on the songs together: we think that it has strengthened the band’s empathy very much, and absolutely, we will work the same way in the future!

Heavy Paradise : In my humble opinion, you achieve to deliver a solid debut, as I already said in my review, an impressive effort!! Everything here is in perfect balance and Chiara delivering some really stunning vocal lines. I, also, have to say that even, if I’m not a big fan of ‘brutal’/aggressive vocals, in your case sounds extremely interesting! Is any of you a fan of these kind of vocals and which are your main influences?

Giulio: Thanks a lot for your kind words!!! Yes, Chiara did a great job on the vocals and we think she's the perfect element between the heavy drums and guitars and the most electronic and ethnic parts. To be honest with you I'm not a big fan of brutal vocals too and at a first sight I was quite doubtful about to use it in Temperance but when I listened to the final result I was so happy for the balance between the clean and the growl vocals.

Heavy Paradise : In most of the songs, I hear an Evanescence  feeling, I don’t know if this is only my idea,but  If you had to compare your band with a famous one which would that be?

Giulio: Well I don't know if we could be compared to Evanescence since they have a different style but we like them and their sound is so good to carry both strength and emotions, which is the main goal of music. I don't know what band could be compared to Temperance and there're so many different elements that's quite hard to find a single band to be compared to. Let's see what is gonna think who will buy our album and who is going to see us live on stage ;)

Heavy Paradise : Even if there is not a filler in sight, I have to say that my favorite songs from your debut are “Tell Me”, “Hero” and the amazing “To Be With You”. Is there any track that you like best and why?

Chiara: This is a very hard question! We have asked ourselves so many times which one could be our favorite… Indeed, it wasn't that easy to decide which song would have become the first single. I personally like “Tell me”, “To be with you” and “Hero” very much as well, but there is quite a wide range of different atmospheres and styles in “Temperance” so that it seems definitely impossible for me to compare them and to decide which one I like the best. I like the sweet and airy notes of songs such as “Fourth Season” and “Stronger” as well as the more aggressive “Scared and Alone” and “Heavens Above”, just to mention a few, and I like to sing them all very much: each one gives me the chance to use a wide spectrum of vocal styles and to explore various feelings.

Heavy Paradise : Is there any possibility to release a video-single from your album?

Chiara: Of course we will release a video single and…. ladies and gentlemen….. it will be “Breathe”! But we cannot reveal anything more about the video… surprise!

Heavy Paradise : The Italian metal/hard rock scene is a fast growing scene over the last years. How do you see the metal scene in Italy and worldwide in general?

Chiara: We think that there are a lot of very capable metal bands in Italy, and fortunately it seems like recently the audience has become more receptive to female fronted metal bands, too.
Giulio: Lately heavy music became more popular here and thanks to many great bands around heavy metal is no more considered as a borderline music genre. This is happening in many countries too and of course this is a positive trend for us. All this movement could lead a band like Temperance to plan more gigs around the world.
We're so excited about what is gonna happen soon;)

Heavy Paradise : If you had to pick your imaginary bands for a live gig, of which bands would it consist? Are there plans for some live performances to promote your album?

Chiara: There will be plenty of shows to promote our album!
The first will be our release party  at Rock’n’Roll Arena, on the 5th of april. We are very excited and can’t wait to perform songs taken from “Temperance” for the very first time in a live show!
…if I had the chance to decide which bands to share the stage with, I would say Within Temptation and Tarja Turunen. I’m a big fan of both Tarja and Sharon, so it would be an absolutely breathtaking experience for me to share the stage with them!

Giulio: I think that any band could be a perfect match for Temperance. Who plays good music and who does it from his heart is always welcome and I agree about sharing the stage with different style's bands. Temperance isn't a studio project but a real band and we're working so hard to be able to bring our show everywhere!

Heavy Paradise : Before closing this interview, is there something else that you would like to add?

Giulio: Sure! Buy our album ahahah! Seriously we would like to thank all the people who help us and who believed in Temperance. A big thanks to Scarlet Records to believe in us! If you want to be updated about Temperance's activities please visit our official new website at the URL and check our official Facebook profile here .

Heavy Paradise : At this point, I have to say a HUGE thank you for this interview, I wish you all the best for your future plans and I hope for many albums in the near future to come!!!!!

Giulio: Thanks to YOU and to ALL the amazing metal fans in Greece! We know you rock and we really hope to be there soon to play live and share amazing evenings with you!!! 

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