Sunday, December 15, 2013


The amazing super-group of DOGFACE is finally back with a brand new release which is entitled "Back On The Streets"!! With two really solid releases on their back and a classic debut, Dogface returns to the melodic hard rock scene with a new opus and two new members on board.

This time the band consists of the "mighty" Mats Leven on lead vocals, the incredible guitarist Martin Kronlund and the two newest musicians, but well-known in this scene, Mikael Carlsson from the Swedish sensational Lover Under Cover and Perra Johansson (drums) from Heavy Paradise's favorite Coldspell. To be honest, I love the band's debut and I was impatient for this new one!

The album opens with the melodic and in-your-face "Footsteps On The Moon". The performances of Leven are top notch and the band's showing a tight musicianship!! A great opener and a very good appetizer of what's to expect next! Next, "Back On The Streets" includes an up-tempo rhythm, an 80's hard rock vibe and a huge chorus line to die for!!! Great stuff!! "The Fall", another highlight, is movin' to some darker paths while "Can't Face Tomorrow" is a great rocker; a fast-paced melodic gem with Leven's powerful vocal lines, Kronlund's chunky's riffs and its solid rhythm section!! "Fired" and "Get Up" are both strong 80's influenced rockers and in "Crazy Horses" we have a blasting Whitesnake-esque gem!!

The boys did it again; they released another gem under the Dogface name!! I'm just happy that I got this album before finishing the Heavy Paradise's Awards For 2013. This is a pure blues hard rock delight for me and I think for every hard rock maniac out there! My advice is to go out and buy this album now! Highly recommended!!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track List :
01. Footsteps On The Moon
02. Can't Face Tomorrow
03. Higher
04. The Fall
05. Back On The Streets
06. Fired
07. Get Up
08. Start A Fire
09. Crazy Horses
10. Freaking Out

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