Sunday, December 15, 2013


Amaze Knight is hailing from Italy and the band was formed in 2010 by Christian Dimasi (guitar ) and Michael Scotti ( drummer ). The thing that boned them was their passion for music and their goal was to create a band that experimented with new sounds and without any preconceptions.

With the addition of Fabrizio Aseglio (vocals) and Matthew Cerantola, AMAZE KNIGHT took flesh and bone and they immediately began writing and composing songs for their first step.They start recording their debut, "The Key", with the help of Roberto Macclesfield, sound engineer and producer. "The Key" is a concept album that describes emotions, experiences and reflections through a common history that binds one song with another, with a variable sound and unpredictable influences that each member brings with it .

Their music is based on progressive metal/rock with strong arrangements, very good performances, superb guitar work and some really beautiful melodies. The opening tune of "Imprisoned ( Shadows Past)" reflects all the above in such a unique way. A very complex track that combines perfectly the high tech progressive metal/rock with some melodic metal elements and the result is just brilliant!!! Some Fates Warning pinches, at least in my ears, can be heard in the fantastic "Restless Soul" while  "Heartless" includes a darker sound and some really impressive guitar work!!! "Liberation(The Reflection)" and "Liberetion(A New Day)" are both excellent pieces of progressive rock/metal stuff with an updated sound!

Really impressed by these guys! "The Key" is about a superb piece of progressive rock stuff that includes a tight musicianship, great songwriting, soulful performances, very good guitar parts and a solid production. Folks remember this name, AMAZE KNIGHT, it is aiming to some bigger things in the near future! Check 'em out!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track List :

  1. Imprisoned ( Shadows Past)
  2. Restless Soul
  3. Heartless
  4. Liberation(The Reflection)
  5. Liberetion(A New Day)

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