Thursday, November 14, 2013

SNAKEYES - Trailer about new international Metal Band

SnakeyeS is a new heavy metal band, originally started by José Pineda (bass player for Spanish band SPHINX) as a solo project. It later evolved into a proper band when he met Cosmin Aionita online. 

As the powerful voice of Romanian band 9.7 RICHTER, Aioniţă loved Pineda’s early demos and, sharing the same musical influences, they both decided to consolidate their partnership as a band. Thus, SnakeyeS was born.

SnakeyeS just finished the recording process of “Welcome To The Snake Pit”, their debut promotional EP. It includes three songs written by José Pineda and Cosmin Aionita and produced, mixed and mastered by José Pineda. The recording line-up for “Welcome To The Snake Pit” was completed by guitar player Justi Bala (guitar solos) and Carlos Delgado (drums).

SnakeyeS will soon reveal the cover artwork for "Welcome To The Pit", designed by artist Fernando Nanderas (who also designed the band's logo) and a promotional video for one of the songs on the EP.

“Welcome To The Snake Pit” is going to be available on all major digital distribution platforms and will be followed in 2014 by a full-length SnakeyeS album.

SnakeyeS' video trailer for their upcoming EP, officially titled “Welcome To The Snake Pit”:

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