Saturday, November 16, 2013


ATLASES is a new five-piece metal band that are ready to make some noise and bring a new and fresh air in the UK metal-hardcore scene! "Upbringing" is entitled their first step and the band consists of Jack Parsons on vocals, Alvin Russ on guitar, Jamie Butler on guitar, James Collins on bass and Lydon Benson on drums.

Their music is loud with a heavy in-your-face guitar sound, aggressive vocal performances and a hell of an attitude! It reminds me a bit of Pantera with a strong dose of punk in it!!!  Even if I'm not a big fan of this particular kinda of scene, I have to admit that these guys achieved to intrigue me! All of the six tracks here have one cause; and that's to make your head bang! Yes, their music it's perfect for merciless headbanging, heavy boozing, partying, skate and wake-boarding. "Betrayer" opens this album with a fast-heavy riffing, a double ass-kickin' drumming and Jack Parsons' angry vocal lines!! It's unnecessary to refer to each song separately cause all of the tunes here are movin' to the same hardcore-nu metal paths.

For those who want their metal angry, powerful with some bad-ass heavy riffing and most of all attitude, this album is a must have.....for the melodic lovers, look somewhere else!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7/10

Track List :  betrayer, secret keeper, my testament, the deepest dark, you dreamer you fool, consume/deny

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