Sunday, September 1, 2013

ROCK & LACE / PREY (2013)

To be honest, I was expecting this album anxiously! I really loved the band's 2012 single "No Exception" ( ) and I was looking forward to more good music from Rock & Lace.

This female fronted rock band is hailing from Greece and since their creation, 2010, Rock & Lace has already performed live in many gigs supporting many respected artists such as Vassilis Papakwnstantinou, Domenica and Pavlov's Dog among others.

So, nowadays, the band is ready to unleash its first full-length album with the title "Prey". Rock & Lace's music is simple with nice arrangements, a dark and sometimes a 'melancholic' vibe in it, it has some alternative and modern rock pinches but, most of all, it has Gale Petrou on vocals, which takes the whole project into a higher level. The combination of all the above mentioned elements make "Prey" a very enjoyable listening from start to finish. Highlights from the album are the dynamic opener tune of "Upon My Lips", the groovier with the brilliant guitar work of "Step Off", the darker and my personal favorite "Sorry", "Breathe" and "Prey". The album closes with a very interesting cover work of Cher's classic hit "Bang Bang".

All in all, I have to say that I really liked Rock & Lace's debut album a lot! Well-crafted songs, a tight musicianship and Gale's solid performances make this record a very pleasant listening and a must have for every single fan of modern rock music with attitude.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
1.Upon My Lips
2. Midnight Madness
3. Prey
4. Step Off
5. No Exception
6. Sorry
7. Breathe
8. In The Dark
9. Stone Cold
10. Bang Bang

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