Saturday, September 14, 2013


NIVA's mastermind is Tony Niva who started his musical steps with the unknown band Zanity and has collaborated with well-known bands such as Swedish Erotica, Lion's Share, Peo, Oxygen and Axia among others. With NIVA he has already released two very good albums "No Capitulation" and "Gold From The Future" which are both hard to find.

Nowadays, the band is back with the brand new "Magnitude". For those who aren't familiar with  Niva's sound, let me tell you that this band knows how to deliver a strong melodic rock song with clever orchestrations, catchy choruses, huge melodies and hooks and powerful performances.

The opening track "Never Too Late" is one of these songs that stick to your mind with the very first listen! Melodic with a harder edged guitar sound, an ultra catchy chorus line and solid performances! Impressive start and a great appetizer of what's coming-up next! "Perfect Life" will leave you breathless with its really memorable hook and chorus and, of course, Tony's amazing vocal lines!!! Another highlight!! "My First And Only One" features a really heavy intro but evolving into a melodic hard rock gem with its heavenly influenced melody! We're just in track number three only and this album is a true gem already! Next, "Just Another Heartache" and we have a 'punchier' tune with, again, a brilliant melody and a chorus line to die for! "In A Misty Light" is a powerful mid-tempo/ballad that features Tony's emotional but yet strong performances while in "Always Somewhere" the up-tempo rhythms are back with this brilliant Scandi anthem! "Let It Shine" is uplifting with a positive feel-good vibe in it. "Spanish Lullaby" is an overall good tune, "Do It Again" includes some really impressive guitar lines and "Never Say Goodbye" is one of my personal favorites from this new effort!!! Another feel-good song with excellent arrangements and powerful performances. The album closes with the mid-tempo tune of "I Fell So Alone".

An excellent album all the way! All of the songs here are perfect examples of pure melodic hard rock heaven with no filler in sight. The guitar work is brilliant, Tony's performances are top notch and overall "Magnitude" is the PERFECT purchase for every AOR/Melodic Hard Rock fan out there!!! 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9 / 10

Track List :
01. Never Too Late
02. Perfect Life
03. My First And Only One
04. Just Another Heartache
05. In A Misty Light
06. Always Somewhere
07. Let It Shine
08. Spanish Lullaby
09. Do It Again
10. Never Say Goodbye
11. I Feel So Alone

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