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Gem Music in association with Escape Music Limited are proud to announce the release of the 4th Kick album to be titled Memoirs on September 20

Gem Music in association with Escape Music Limited are proud to announce the release of the 4th Kick album to be titled Memoirs on September 20. Memoirs is available now exclusively on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/gb/album/memoirs/id662893281.

Track Listing: 1. Doesn't Take Much 2. Thrill Seeking Junkie 3. Radio 4. Come Back 5. Urban Refugee 6. Round & Round 7. Words Of Advice 8. Highway To The Sun 9. The Futures Ours 10. Never Lost That Feeling 11. Nothing More To Say 12. The Miracle (Bonus Track) 13. Devoted (Bonus Track) 14. From This Day On (Bonus Track).

Kick from the United Kingdom have released their brand new explosive album, 'Memoirs' on iTunes. In 2010, Mikey Jones set about creating another solo album. It was clear that Nick Workmanwas busy finding success with Vega and so a decision was made to release this album under the Kick banner with Mikey on lead vocals. The songs were crafted at Mikey's home studio and remastered by Chris. Outstanding tracks include, 'Memoirs, 'Radio' and 'Urban Refugee.'

Here we have 11 songs (+3 bonus), all of which were written and produced by principle songwriter, Mikey Jones. The songs are true to the tradition of Kick and each carries the hallmark of British the power-melody combination. Mikey told us, 'This is an interesting bunch of songs - I worked harder on the sound and I'm happy that they are out there for public consumption. Check out Thrill Seeking Junkie, and Urban Refugee for starters - this album truly rocks! 

Kick's last album, 'New Horizon' was released in 2004 and their tours with Thunder and Magnum brought them much acclaim as a live band. Mikey's first solo album, 'The Light Of Day', released in 2006, has been re-mixed and mastered too. Mikey told us, 'I got great reviews for that album, but the main criticism was that the vocals were too low in the mix - all rectified now!'

Mikey and his brother, Chris, Kick and various other projects they have worked on during the past two decades are also up for grabs on iTunes - a veritable body of work that features all of theXL tracks from the 1992 sessions, Freefall, WildKard and even the original demos of the Kick albums, including acoustic sets.
Kick 'Memoirs' - get it now!!!

Introduction: Chris and Mikey Jones are brothers and have played together in various incarnations since the early 80s, when they were still at school. Chris took up lead guitar and Mikey the bass and vocals. Mikey was the predominant songwriter, but Chris has written some great tunes too, which are also featured here.
If you're into melodic, memorable 80s hard rock with a modern twist, then you have ended up at the right place. Influenced by early Def Leppard, Alice Cooper, Dokken and similar 80s bands, and more recently by Foo Fighters and Feeder, the Jones boys developed a new sound and no longer considered derivative. The following are the albums which were recorded since 1992.

XL (1992-93) - Catalogue No: GEM2013011 : Brothers, Chris and Mikey Jones went to the USA in an attempt to get a record deal with this Def Leppard 1980s rock sound. It was well-received, but the tide was changing and the grunge era was emerging fast. However, the 6-track EP, 'Rock All Over You' developed cult status and eventually sold on eBay for over £100.00 per CD.  But this is the collection, released in its entirety for the first time here on iTunes. 

Freefall 'Rebel Hard' (1996) - Catalogue No: GEM2013012 : The Jones Boys needed a new and modern sound, and this was the result, 'Rebel Hard' and their Freefall project. The album was shipped into Japan and to further great reviews, heralding tracks such as 'Breathless' and 'Keep The Fire Burning.'  

Kick 'Consider This....Demos' (1997-98) - Catalogue No: GEM2013013 : This album was the first time that Nick Workman (Eden, Vega) came to the fore, with his vast range and vocal ability. It was released by Sanctuary PLC on Iron Maiden's, Steve Harris' Beast Records in 1999. But these were the original demos that helped attract the attention of the record company with 'Streets Of Shame' which appeared on a magazine compilation picked up by Sanctuary's A&R man.

Kick 'Consider This…' (1999) - Catalogue No: GEM2013014 : This remixed version was released by Beast Records and took KICK to a new level. They played tours with Hard Rain, Magnum and Thunder, and took a trip to Germany to support Bonfire. 'Blue' was released in video format to Japan, but can be found on YouTube.com. The songs are extremely melodic and instant. It has a bright, powerful sound, which will grab your attention immediately. Olli Cunningham (keyboards) and Adam Schunker (drums) joined the band in 1998. 

Kick 'Sweet Lick Of Fire' (Demos 1999) - Catalogue No: GEM2013015 : Kick looked for a darker. moodier sound on this album. 'Kaleidoscopic Eyes,' 'Behind Closed Doors' and 'Time' were the pick of a great bunch of songs. The tracks here were demo'd between tours in 1999 and the following year they were recorded at Surrey Sound with producer, Andy Reilly. Benjy Reid III replaced Adam Schunker in the line-up.

Kick 'Sweet Lick of Fire' (2001) - Catalogue No: GEM2013016 : This is the finished album and showed the direction and promise which should have launched Kick into the big time. However, the band was affected heavily by disruptions in the business side of things, and they parted company with Sanctuary records, but you cannot disregard the quality of these songs and their execution. 

Wildkard (2007) - Catalogue No: GEM2013017: This album was written by Chris Jones and Nick Workman, and featured Mikey Jones on bass. It was actually recorded in 1997 but remixed 10 years later, so it is pre-Kick. The songs are anthemic, and suited Nick Workman's vocals well. Nicks' recent work with Vega is of a similar nature - just great AOR! 

Kick 'New Horizon' (1994) - Catalogue No: GEM2013018 : Nick, Chris and Mikey stayed together and came up with this follow-up after all the distractions. There are some huge moments on this album, with songs such as 'Electric Storm,' 'New Horizon' and the epic, 'Watch Me Fly'.

Mikey Jones 'The Light Of Day' (2006) - Catalogue No: GEM2013019 : This was Mikey's first solo album and achieved 85/100 at melodicrock.com. It was released on CD, but this version was remixed. The lead vocals are a lot clearer than the original version, which was the main criticism. Mikey was invited onto Malcolm Dome's Totalrock radio show and he championed the album, which also achieved cult status. The album has an array of differing styles, but never veers far from the strong melodies which are indicative of Mikey's songwriting.

Kick 'Memoirs' (2013) - Catalogue No: GEM2013020 : In 2010, Mikey set about creating another solo album. It was clear that Nick Workman was busy finding success with Vega and so a decision was made to release this album under the Kick banner with Mikey on lead vocals. The songs were crafted at Mikey's home studio and remastered by Chris. Outstanding tracks include, 'Memoirs, 'Radio' and 'Urban Refugee.'

Kick re-issued catalogue available on iTunes at: itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/kick/id3221929.

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