Thursday, September 12, 2013

Malik & Pettite / s/t (EP- 2013)

Malik & Pettite is a brand new band and this is their debut 4 track-EP album. Steve Malik and Loz Pettite first met in a club in Coventry and soon began writing and performing songs together. The pair have gained valuable live performance experience from club and concert performances, including performances at Coventry’s Godiva Festival and, thrillingly, opening for The Specials at Coventry’s Ricoh Stadium, to a sell-out crowd of around 10,000.

So, Malik & Pettite’s debut EP will be released by United Producers Records UP Label as a download only on 7th October and will feature 4 original songs recorded at Rolo Studios, Coventry and produced by the Grammy Award-winning Roger Lomas.

Their music is simple, acoustic based pop-rock stuff with nice and sweet melodies and very good arrangements plus the really extraordinary performances and there you have a very good first step from this very talented band. "No More Love" is a solid acoustic rocker with a memorable chorus line while in "Only You" you can hear some Beatles influences as well. "Victoria" is up-tempo, the chorus is catchier and overall this is the highlight and my personal favorite from this EP. The last track, "Rise Up" closes this debut in the same acoustic pop-rock paths as the above mentioned ones.

Overall, this is a very good debut release, even if it contains only 4 tracks. Good and well-played pop-rock stuff from a very talented band that I'm expecting more of them in the near future.
Heavy Paradise's Rating 7/10

Track List :  No More Love, Only You, Victoria, Rise Up 

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