Thursday, September 12, 2013


Maxxxwell Carlisle is not new in the U.S. metal scene. Over the past several years, this virtuoso shred guitarist and competitive bodybuilder has already released four albums, performed live in countless live shows and achieved to 'build' a strong reputation around his name!!

His street credibility has been further cemented with his time as a touring guitarist in Deathriders , the thrash band led by original singer of Anthrax Neil Turbin. "Full Metal Thunder" is the guitarist's brand new EP featuring vocalist Michael Yancy and is heavenly influenced by bands such as Loudness, Saxon and Impellitteri to name a few. This EP also includes guest guitar solos by Nita Strauss and Rick Renstrom.

"Full Metal Thunder" kicks off in an old fashioned way. It's heavy, thunderous with powerful in-your-face performances and the guitar work is simply stunning!!!! Next, "The Power Of Metal Compels Me" is moving to the same 80's heavy metal paths and will make each and every single metalhead very happy!!!! Another metal anthem takes over with the furious tune of "The Call Of The Metal" while a heavy riff welcomes us with the next track, "Marching With The Dragons" and takes us to the glory days of the 80's metal scene!!! "Time Crisis" will surprise you with its amazing solo!!!

This is a classic metal album all the way!!! It contains battles with dragons, it has all the necessary screams and shouts, the right attitude a very talented guitar shredder and it's all about METAL in a good old fashion way! Check it out.....
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List : Full Metal Thunder, The Power Of Metal Compels Me, The Call Of The Metal, Marching With The Dragons, Time Crisis 

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