Thursday, September 12, 2013


Did you miss bands such as Poison, Every Mother's Nightmare or Pretty Boy Floyd? If yes, then you don't have to look any further; Teenage Casket Company brings the sound of those great act with a modern twist and with the right attitude!!

"Still Standing" is entitled the brand new album of Teenage Casket Company and it's here to make some noise! All of the songs here are well-written, well-performed with a positive, 'feel-good' vibe and the musicianship is certainly top notch. Singer Rob Wylde (Tigertailz) is doin' an excellent job regarding the vocal performances and the songs are simple, catchy and up-tempo.

"Still Standing", "First Night Of Your Life" and "(You Only Love Me) When You Hate Me"  are all great samples of modern (sleaze) hard rock with catchy hooks and memorable chorus lines, cool guitar work and solid performances. Especially the up-tempo tune of  "(You Only Love Me) When You Hate Me" made me push the repeat button several times; great just great!! "Make It Through The Night" is the first ballad here and believe me that it will blow your mind with its 80's sweet melody!! For sure, one of the highlights from the new record. This could be a major hit back in the 80's, early 90's!! Next, "Best Friend Is My Radio" is another killer up-tempo modern rocker and a Pretty Boy Floyd-esque influenced that will make you shake and tumble while "Dead In America" is a more hard-edged track with again an intense and 'clever' chorus. The next songs are all moving in the same modern hard rock paths as the above mentioned ones with strong arrangements and good enough choruses to make you sing-a-long for days. The album closes with a new version of the song "Believe In You".

Overall, this is an extremely interesting release from start to finish!! Rob Wylde and his gang achieve to build a strong modern hard rock record with very good songs and an 80's vibe in it! These guys have talent and that's a thing that reflects to their music. I'm waiting bigger things from them in the near future and I'm positive that Teenage Casket Company will be the next big thing in the modern hard rock scene!! Well done!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track List : 1.Still Standing, 2.First Night Of Your Life, 3.(You Only Love Me) When You Hate Me, 4.Make It Through The Night, 5.Best Friend Is My Radio, 6.Dead In America, 7.Takes A Little Time, 8.Without You, 9.Girl, 10.Kings Of The World, 11.Believe In You (2013)

Teenage Casket Company are : Rob Wylde (vocals, guitars), Spike (drums), Dave Kerr (guitars) and Rob Lane (bass)  

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