Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Mat Sinner returns to the music scene with "Touch Of Sin 2". No, this is not the brand new work of the legendary metal band SINNER, but a re-make of the classic "Touch Of Sin" effort that was released back in 1985. This new one has been a kinda of a 'face-lifting' in order to sound fresh and within the requirements of the time! Besides the re-makes, "Touch Of Sin 2" also contains three brand new songs and thus makes the whole package even more enticing!

In "Touch Of Sin 2", Mat invited his buddies such as David Readman (Voodoo Circle, Pink Cream 69), Erik Martensson (WET), Diego Valdez (Helker) and Tom Naumann (ex-Primal Fear) and rebuilt from the start one of the classic albums ever!

For those who already have the first edition of 1985, yes that one ...with the amazing cover art work, and they are already fans of Sinner works, there is nothing more to say about what they are going to hear. Quality, catchy and attitude hard rock with beautiful orchestrations and dynamic guitars and above all passionate vocals are the ones that will meet somebody listening to "Touch Of Sin". As for the new songs now, "Don't Believe A Word" is simply huge!! Up-tempo rhythm with a positive attitude and a chorus that I'm whistling for days! The "Blood On The Sand"  is very good, more hard edged, with solid arrangements and a very good solo! And we reach the third and final new song of the album that is "Heat Of The City". Personally, this tune reminded me of Accept's earlier works but this time with a better singer!!!

Closing this review,  all I have to add is that the new versions give the already very good songs an extra boost and that the three new tracks are a great appetizer for a future SINNER release! Buy it with closed eyes!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track List :
01. Born To Rock
02. Comin’ Out Fighting
03. Bad Girl
04. Knife In My Heart
05. Concrete Jungle
06. Don’t Believe A Word *
07. Shout
08. Germany Rocks
09. Danger Zone
10. Emerald
11. Blood On The Sand *
12. Lost In A Minute
13. Masquerade
14. Heat Of The City *

*new tracks

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