Tuesday, August 6, 2013

MelodicRock Records is very excited to announce two new signings. The first is Faith Circus for the release of their brand new album Turn Up The Band.

Faith Circus, from the west coast of Norway, were a band born from the ashes of two rival bands. Comprised of, Marc Farrano (vocals), Marius Mørch (guitars), Lasse Koester(bass) and Baard Nordvik (drums). 

Their style could be described as a hybrid of acts such as Kiss, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Journey, etc... Strong melodies, great hooks, burning frets, pounding drums, thunderous bass and smooth, yet powerful vocals. From the heartbreaking to the hip shaking, the band had it all...classic/melodic rock delivered with pure passion, love & fun!

The band signed with Kivel Records (US) in the fall/winter of 2007, and their debut album were released about a year later. Among the 11 tracks were a cover of the Eric "The Fox" Carr/Bruce Kulick/Adam Mitchell composition "Can you feel it", until now only released in demo form on the former Kiss drummers, post-release, "Rockology" album. And another tune featured guest appearances by veterans such as Steinar Krokstad/drums (ex-Stage Dolls/Vagabond), Morty Black/bass (ex-TNT/Vagabond), Dag Stokke/keyboards (TNT/Vagabond), Tore Moren/guitar (Jorn/Rain/Carnivora), Steinar Hagen/acoustic guitar (Return) and Tony Harnell/background vocals (ex-TNT/Starbreaker/Westworld).
Like so many other bands they ran into some "trouble"...and broke up (in august 2009)...
But a mere 11 months after declaring to the world they would no longer be working together, the boys were back - Marc Farrano and Baard Nordvik and introducing new guitaristH.K. Rein and new bass player Christer Ottesen (ex-Popium/Flare).

The MRR release of Faith Circus Turn Up The Band will feature some real bonus material for fans!
First - there is the brand new 10 track studio album which will build on what the debut album offered back in 2008. But not only that - for those purchasing the CD release - you will get the band's debut album as a bonus disc - totally re-mixed from the original release and featuring two additional bonus tracks (13 songs total). The songs are "Heroes" and a remake of the 1981 classic James Bond tune "For Your Eyes Only" - this time sung as a duet with the insanely talented Robin Beck!

Andrew McNeice: "I love the enthusiasm and the energy of these guys. And I love the attitude of the songs on this new album. In your face at all times, even when bringing it down a notch for a few really melodic numbers – and one monster ballad! The best of both world's on this album - attitude and melody. Looking forward to delivering it into the hands of those that loved the debut and a swag of new fans also."

The Faith Circus album will be released late September/October. 

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