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King's Call is a German based melodic hard rock band and "Lion's Den" is their second release. Originally founded by the well-known guitarist Alex Garoufalidis, King's Call featuring an impressive line up with the legendary Mike Freeland of Praying Mantis on lead vocals, Azerbaijani Asec Bergemann on drums and Andreas Kramer on bass guitars.

"Lion's Den" mixed by Chris Tsangarides (Malmsteen, Thin Lizzy) the British Grammy-nominated record producer and mastered by the 'mighty' Dennis Ward of Pink Cream 69.

The album starts with the impressive hard hitting tune of "Mother Nature". This is a classic hard rock track that features a heavy riffing, a stunning guitar solo line and Freeland's powerful vocal performances. A really awesome appetizer! "Riding The Storm", "Dig It" and "Shy Love" are all great rockers with solid arrangements, very good harmonies, up-tempo rhythms, memorable chorus lines and fantastic guitar work!! "Is This The Life" is a simply brilliant bluesier rocker with lots of attitude and it's among my personal favorites from this album. I have to say that the guitar lines of Alex Garoufalidis are flowing to perfection!!! "Avalon" is a good one while "Red Lights" is another great mid-tempo rocker with a strong bluesy feeling in it!! "Get Up" is an ass-kickin' gem with a feel-good vibe in it and in my humble opinion the perfect song for a hot summer party! "Holy Ground" will rock your world and "Avalon Rising" is a good instrumental. The album, also, are featuring two bonus tracks; the 80's influenced "Waiting For You" and the good "Love Will Find A Way".

Very good and solid hard rock stuff played in an old-fashioned way with passionate vocal performances, amazing guitar work and a tight musicianship. It's rather difficult to find a weak moment or a bad song in it cause most of the tracks here are killer hard rock stuff! For all the fans of pure traditional hard rock sound with excellent production this album is a must have! Well done!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8 / 10

Track List :
01. Mother Nature – 4:00
02. Riding The Storm – 4:03
03. Dig It – 3.42 min.
04. Shy Love – 4:34
05. Is This The Life – 4:36
06. Avalon – 3: 32
07. Red Lights – 3: 57
08. Get Up – 3:07
09. Holy Ground – 3:51
10. Avalon – Rising – 2:00

Bonus Tracks
11. Waiting For You – 6:06
12. Love Will Find A way – 7:10

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