Saturday, June 1, 2013


"...It's a darker if-Metallica-were-Guns N' Roses direction with this brand new album..." with these words Famous Underground introduce themselves. "Famous Underground" is the band's debut release and to be honest I was looking forward to listening to this one!!

The band was led by vocalist Nicholas Walsh, formerly front-man of sleaze heavy rockers Slik Toxik. After Slik Toxik, Nick continued to work with several projects and spent ten years fronting Revolver with his long-time partner Laurie-Anne Green at his side. In the fall of 2011, Nick and Laurie had some new songs ready to go, which resulted in a new outlook and excitement for the future. So, they decided to start a new chapter in their career with Famous Underground. Their goal was to create a band that mixes the old-fashioned hard rock/metal scene with some new and fresher elements as well.

The album starts off with "Wasteland", an aggressive 80's rocker with attitude. "Overdrive" brings back the 80's sound; Skid Row meets Metallica with a 'punchy' guitar work and Walsh's powerful performances. Huge track!! "Forever And A Day" is a tremendous power ballad with a 'sweet' melody, great acoustic guitar lines and a chorus to die for!! Brilliant, just brilliant stuff!! Other highlights here are the 'darker' rocker "On Broken Wings', the groovier "Bullet Train", the modern sleaze anthem of "Necropolis" and  "Mommy Is A Junkie".

All in all, this is an extremely interesting release! These guys achieved to bridge perfectly the 80's, early 90's, sleaze/metal scene with an updated air and the result is this awesome and ass-kickin' record! Highly recommended!!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track list:
1. Wasteland
2. Overdrive
3. Dead Weight
4. Love Stands Still
5. Forever And A Day
6. Necropolis
7. Wheel Of Misfortune
8. Mommy Is A Junkie
9. On Broken Wings
10. Bullet Train
11. Hell To Pay

Bonus alternate tracks:
12. Dead Weight (acoustic)
13. On Broken Wings (reprise)

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