Saturday, February 23, 2013

Vietcong Pornsürfers

Vietcong Pornsürfers consists of four boys from Falun, Sweden. They have been playing dangerous punk rock since the fall of 2007. The band was started simply to make up for the lack of true cool rock bands, and too many old “long gone past the best before date” acts.

The 20th of May 2013 will the band release their second album on the new founded label Dangerous Rock Records. WE SPREAD DISEASES was recorded at Boom Town in Borlänge, Sweden. 14 songs, which 12 ended up on the album, were recorded in the Boom Room studio during 7 days of August 2012. With the opinion that all new rock productions often sounds silly and harmless, the band went into the studio with the determination to record an rock album that actually sounds like rock. The sound of WE SPREAD DISEASES has captured the aggressive punch without 20 layers of guitars in the background, no smooth edges and the drums are meant to hurt just like real drums do. Many bands claim that they wanted to catch the raw energy from a live show, but still ends up sounding like the same well-polished “hits for kids” in the studio. Vietcong Pornsürfers has captured that raw feeling, for real. All songs are recorded live, no extra layers of anything. This is how Vietcong Pornsürfers really sounds.

I HATE YOUR BAND is the first single from the album and it is released the 25th of February, both digitally and on old school 7inch vinyl. A music video for the song DEAD TRACK (the side B from the digital released single) is filmed and will be out together with the single. At least 3 more videos are planned to be out before the release. The album will be available on both CD and digitally with distribution through Sound Pollution.

Until the release of the album the band will be wasting their health on the road, throughout all of Europe in their tour bus armed with deadly shark teeth, for the 3rd time now. Except the journeys down on the continent, they have made a lot of shows all over Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia. The last summers has been filled with festivals, including Peace and Love Festival (Bob Dylan, Turbonegro, Social Distortion…) Getaway Rock Festival (Yngwie Malmsteen, Manowar, Suicidal Tendencies…) and Rockstad: Falun (Entombed, Helloween, Sabaton…), and many others.

No silly stuff, Vietcong Pornsürfers knows how to take the stage and deliver kick-ass rock tunes in tight punk style. Á la Gluecifer, Deadboys and Iggy & the stooges.

  • TOUR SPRING 2013:

01.03 JAMES ROCKBAR, Halmstad [SWE]
02.03 THE ROCKBAR, Karlstad [SWE]
08.03 CLUB FUCKED UP, Uppsala [SWE]
09.03 BACKSTAGE ROCKBAR, Trollhättan [SWE]
28.03 JACK THE ROOSTER, Tampere [FIN]
30.03 BÄKKÄRI BAR, Helsinki [FIN]
05.04 FREAKSHOW BAR, Essen [GER]
06.04 JH DEN TAP, Kuurne [BEL]
07.04 13DE GEBOD, Lichtervelde [BEL]
12.04 HAPPY DAYS, Fiesse (BS) [ITA]
13.04 CTL-VIGANELLO, Lugano [SWI]
14.04 UNITED CLUB, Turin (TO) [ITA]
17.04 BARICENTRO, San Martino Buon Albergo (VR) [ITA]
19.04 GRINDHOUSE, Padova (PD) [ITA]
20.04 OLD SALOON, Pederobba (TV) [ITA]
21.04 BLUE ROSE SALOON, Bresso (MI) [ITA]
22.04 WEEKENDER, Innsbrück [AUS]
23.04 SUBWAY TO PETER, Chemnitz [GER]
24.04 EXIL KLUB, Usti Nad Labem [CZ]

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