Saturday, February 23, 2013


Diamond Dawn is a new sensational melodic hard rock band from Sweden. Their music is a great combination of the glory 80's melodic rock scene mixed with some newer elements and the result is their superb "Overdrive" album.

Everything that we love from this music is here; big choruses, 'clever' hook-lines, a tight songwriting, some impressive keyboards, strong guitar lines and stunning vocal performances!! The fact is that I was curious and was looking forward 'bout this one and all my expectations fulfilled from the first listening of "Overdrive". The opening tune of "Into Overdrive" is an excellent example of pure 80's melodic rock bliss. "Take Me Higher", which is the first single, is simply amazing! Up-tempo rhythm and a chorus line to die for!! For sure one of the best 2013's tunes so far! "Crying" is fantastic! This is a blasting big stadium rocker while "Standing As One" is a killer song and reminds a bit of H.E.A.T.'s latest work (Address The Nation). "California Rush" is a more harder edged rocker with strong arrangements and some 'crunchier' guitar licks!! "Indestructible" is pure AOR heaven; a keyboard driven melodic anthem and one of the album's highlights!! "Turn It Up", "The Hunter" and "Give It All" are all three great rockers with a feel-good vibe in it, catchy choruses and amazing guitar work! "Don't Walk Away" is a mid-tempo masterpiece that features some powerful performances by Alexander Strandell and a huge solo!!! The album closes with the fantastic AOR-rocker "Powergames"

Overall this is an impressive debut all the way! These guys have achieve to build a classic album, even though it's only their first!! Every single track here rocks in its unique way and for sure there is no filler in sight!! Some excellent tracks here that moving from classic AOR to some harder edged paths with heavenly influenced melodies, amazing guitar work, choruses to whisper for days and a solid production! Don't miss this of this year's highlights, trust me!
HeavyParadise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track List :
01. Into Overdrive
02. Take Me Higher
03. Crying
04. Standing As One
05. California Rush
06. Indestructible
07. Turn It Up
08. The Hunter
09. Give It All
10. Don't Walk Away
11. Powergames

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