Saturday, February 2, 2013


Hayley's Royal Whores is a new band that hailing from Finland. The band has its foundations from the gothic metal acts For Selena and Sin.

The band started in early 2011 to write songs for their debut album and in February of 2012 their first step, "Discoteque Tranny" was a fact. Their sound is characterized by catchy hard 'n' heavy songs with some pop touches here and there. After that, Haley's Royal Whores made some concerts to promote the album, they went through some line-up changes and they achieved to get new record deal.

Having received some pretty encouraging reviews for their debut album, they entered the studio and began recordings of their new effort, entitled "Back To The Zone". The album starts off perfectly  with the uplifting "Are You Ready". This is a cool modern Pop-rock tune with emphasis on keyboards and a 'smart' chorus line that put us directly into the album's spirit. The following tracks are moving in the same, the most modern-hard rock paths with well-made compositions and the spirit of The CURE quite haunting them in songs like "God Has No Style", "Off Road Shoes" & "Live A Lie".

Closing, I would say that this is a very good and extremely interesting release. In short, the Hayley's Royal Whores are characterized by quite a bit obscure of 80's power pop elements as well as some rock or even harder, touches that neither excite nor will leave us indifferent. The decision is yours.

HeavyParadise's Rating : 7,5/10

Track List :
1. Are You Ready?
2. God Has No Style
3. Salvation
4. Off Road Shoes
5. All The Best For You
6. Another Low Flying C**t
7. Live A Lie
8. Back To The Zone
9. Dirty Rodriguez

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