Sunday, November 4, 2012


Take a strong dose from the 80'sleaze scene mixed with big melodies, a strong groove and some kick-ass songs and there you have Bombay Black. These guys have plenty of talent and and that's a thing that reflects to their music. One of the band's strongest point is their lead singer; Erik Johnson is for sure da man here!

These guys are playing their hard rock with plenty of attitude filled with the necessary melodies-hooks-catchy choruses and sometimes with a 'clever' tongue-and-cheek humor. The track that opens the album, "Queen Of Denial," is a brilliant hard rock tune while the next one, "Rock 'n Roll Pain Train", showing the band's in groovier mood. "Helluva Time" is my personal favorite track so far with its up-tempo rhythm and the nice riffing! "Bad Boy" is a hell of a catchy song!!! This is a winner fro the new album!!! "Love Like This"  is another killer song! Everything here rocks big time!!!! The chorus is monstrous  the harmonies perfect and the up-tempo rhythm and harmonies here kicked my ass!!  

Bottom line is that this is a killer release all the way! Up-tempo ass-kickin' hard rock music with attitude and without any 'modern' or unnecessary things. If you already know Bombay Black, then go out and get this album...for the rest of you Bullets And Booze is the perfect way to discover a very interesting band! Well done!!
HeavyParadise's Rating : 8/10

Track List : 
01 - Queen Of Denial
02 - Rock 'n Roll Pain Train
03 - Helluva Time
04 - All The Same In The Dark
05 - Bad Boy
06 - Honey Lemon Kisses
07 - No Room For Emotion
08 - Let Me Be
09 - Love Like This
10 - Dragon Tattoo
11 - Bullets And Booze
12 - Take Another
13 - The One You Love
14 - That's The Way It Is (At A Rock 'n Roll Show)
15 - One Single Drop

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