Monday, October 15, 2012

ISSA / CAN'T STOP (2012)

 Issa is a female singer that hails from Norway and after two really very good albums, rightfully designated one of the top female singers in melodic rock scene nowadays.

 Her debut "Sign Of Angels" made sense and her next step although it did not reach the level of the first, was an overall good and solid album with some strong moments. Comparisons with stars such as Celine Dion & Amy Lee rather excessive can be considered as the likeable Issa has a long way to self-fulfillment.

Her music is a mix of melodic rock / AOR from the 80's with a more 'fresh' approach focusing on strong melodies and tight orchestrations. In her new release entitled "Can't Stop", Issa recruits the mighty Alessandro Del Vecchio on keyboards and Mario Percudani on guitars and offers us yet another album that will satisfy any fan of the melodic sound. This is a release containing remixes of classic melodic rock tracks, (Atlantic / Mark Free/21 Guns etc.) in which Issa gives her own mark and manages to make 'own' them! The title track that opens the album is really amazing!!  In the album's highlights include the rhythmic pop-rock song "Wherever You Run", my favorite "If You Ever Fall" and the stunning rendition of "Do You Ever Think Of me"!!!

Beautiful melodies, great vocal performances, strong arrangements passion and emotions drifts into an album that may not contains 'fresh' compositions but has everything else that make it necessary for every fan of melodic rock / AOR scene of the 80's, 90's!
HeavyParadise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track List :
01 - Can't Stop
02 - Power Over Me
03 - Wherever You Run
04 - Just A Wish
05 - If You Ever Fall
06 - Do You Ever Think Of Me
07 - Dream On
08 - Stranded
09 - Heat Of The Night
10 - I Won't Surrender
11 - State Of Love
12 - These Eyes

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