Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DRAGON GUARDIAN / Destiny Of The Sacred Kingdom (2012)

Dragon Guardian is the 'child' of the Japanese guitarist Arther Brave, who is also the co-finder . "Destiny Of The Sacred King" is the first chapter (of six) of this symphonic power metal adventure. Their music is a mix of classic Euro power metal with some symphonic parts and some really impressive riffs and solos!

For sure this ain't something new or something breathtakin' and it's far to be a future classic! Overall this is a very interesting release with well-crafted songs, a crystal 'clear' production, a superb guitar work and above average vocal performances. In my humble opinion they need a better vocalist to take this band to a higher level. Lyrically, the band is talkin' about dragons, magicians, kings....and these kinda of stuff. The arrangements are top notch but I will say it again that the lead shouter ruins the final result!! Highlights here are "Treasure Land", "Mountain Of Sword", "Book Of Magic" and "The Never Ending World".

All in all this is a solid album. The guitar work is over the top and the composisions are superb! As for the vocals I have already wrote my opinion! I would strongly recommend the album to those who are into the power metal scene but also to some 'crazy' guitar maniacs out there to discover a great guitar player!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7/10

Track List :
2.Treasure Land
3.Mountain Of Sword
4.Holy Dragon vs. Evil Dragon
6.Book Of The Magic
7.Destiny Of The Sacred World
8.The Never-Ending World
9.Red Emperor
10.Doll [Bonus Track] 

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