Friday, June 7, 2019

REVIEW : Colorvine --- Wake Up (CV Media Group/Cargo Records UK, Release: 5 July 2019)

Colorvine (formerly Tower City) is about to release its brand new opus entitled "Wake Up" this July. The band consists of Larry Saltis (Tower City, New Monkees) on lead vocals, guitar, Heath Saltis (Tower City) on drums, percussion, keyboards and background vocals and Kurt Reed on bass, background vocals.

For those who aren't familiar with Tower City, let me tell you that you are already missing two excellent albums. The debut opus, "A Little Bit Of Fire" was released back in 1996 and it included some killer melodic rock gems. This record is among my favorites from that era and it still remains a classic one. The second step came a couple of years later with the title "All Or Nothing". Again Tower City delivered some brilliant samples of pure AOR/Melodic Rock stuff. Both albums are, in my humble opinion, classics.

Enough with the past; lets focus on Colorvine and their brand new opus with the title "Wake Up". After a couple of spins, I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot. Maybe it's a bit more laid-back regarding Tower City but, for damn sure, this is an excellent melodic rock record that will please the die-hards of this scene. Highlights here are the cool rocker of "Wake Up", "Change In The Weather", the modern and edgier "Like A Rocket", "Radio Days", the up-beat "Victory Song" and the amazing "Be The One" (which is among my favorites here..). 

Beautiful melodies, a modern approach, some killer tracks and a tight musicianship are the ingredients of this really solid record. "Wake Up" is the perfect purchase for those who love the quality melodic rock (or modern rock if you prefer..) music in general.  

Rating : 8/10

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