Thursday, May 17, 2018


VON BALTZER's debut album, "Cultural Daze", is a record that will put a big smile upon the face of each and every single fan of the classic melodic rock sound of the 80's, period!!! 
Produced by Von Baltzer this debut features 10 co-written songs by guitarist Christian Kjellström (Atlantis/ RockXPress) and Erik Palmqvist (Pork from Cork Ireland, Mickey Slim Band). The music & lyrics are handled by vocalist Ian Parry (Rock Emporium, Consortium Project, Elegy, Ayreon). The drummer Magnus Jacobson (Miss Behaviour, Claes Yngström) completes the band’s line-up.

The opening tune of "All Night Long" is simply delightful melodic rock at its best! Somewhere between Bad English and edgier Journey this first song is a great taste of what's to follow. The U.S. flavored "Better Days" is solid while in "Culture Days" we have another yet killer melodic hard rock tune. The bluesier mid-tempo track of "Fatal Attraction" and the edgier "radio Active", with the crazy guitar solo, are two more great samples of Von Baltzer's music. 

Bottom line is that Von Baltzer with this debut opus achieve to travel us back in time when bands such as Journey, Toto, Asia, Bon Jovi and Bad English ruled the air waves!! 

Rating : 8/10

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