Sunday, December 1, 2019


German-Greek melodic metal beast MYSTIC PROPHECY its back in business with its brand new opus entitled "Metal Division". The new record is gonna be released on 10th January 2020 through Roar! Rock Of Angels Records. After the amazing cover album of “Monuments Uncovered”, Mystic Prophecy returns to its well-known melodic metal paths that includes blistering drums, heavy and furious guitars, memorable hooks n' choruses and some serious metal performances by Liapakis

The new opus kicks-off with the ultra heavy hymn of "Metal Division". Heavy guitars, a big metal groove and some bad-ass in-your-face vocals and here you have a blasting tune and for sure a great appetizer of what comes next. "Eye To Eye" is heavier, more furious but with a fantastic chorus line enough to make you sing-a-long. A track that will make your head banging for days!!  

"Hail To The King" is an epic metal song that imho combines the classic hard rock sound of Rainbow with the metal legends of Hammerfall. This is an ode to Alexander The Great and one of the new album's highlights. Love it!! In "Here Comes The Winter", we are dealing with a more melodic song while in "Curse Of The Slayer" we have yet another pedal to the metal track. In "Dracula", Mystic Prophecy is delivering an impressive heavy tune that includes some excellent and groovier guitars, strong arrangements and an infectious chorus line.  
"Together We Fall", "Die With The Hammer" and "Mirror Of A Broken Heart" (with its breathtaking chorus..) are all three strong samples of Mystic Prophecy's music. I also loved the more hard rocking tune of "Reincarnation" with its superb arrangements and amazing guitar lines. 

The metal beast of MYSTIC PROPHECY roars again with yet its most powerful and best album to-date. Liapakis and his gang strike back with a killer album that can't be missed by any serious melodic metal fan out there. 

Rating : 9,5 / 10 

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