Tuesday, August 13, 2019

REVIEW : MORANO, Incognito (Perris Records, 2019)

The brand new album from Duane Morano is an hymn to the late 80's, early 90's, sound and to be more specific to the sound of bands such as Tyketto, XYZ, Bon Jovi and Def Leppard. So, if you love that particular sound, then this album is a must add to your collection. 

Except Duane Morano on guitars, the line-up is pretty impressive and includes members of Tyketto (Danny Vaughn), EXTREME (Pat Badger), XYZ (Terry Ilous) and many more (Bill Leverty, Michael Foster, Nita Strauss). 

After the breathtaking and very 80's opening tune of "After The Love" (Danny Vaughn), it comes the 'cheesy' and groovier "Cookie Jar" that features Bryan Cole on lead vocals. Man, two superb tracks in a row and, of course, an excellent start of this amazing album. The edgier "Love Is A Lie" with XYZ's lead shouter Terry Ilous on lead vocals is again a blasting tune. The heavy guitars along with the explosive chorus line and Ilous's trademark vocals makes this track one of the highlights here. 

Next, we have two more brilliant tracks that both features Mr. Vaughn on vocals. The punchy "Face The Fire" and the Tyketto-esque "Giovanna". Both songs sound like they jumped out from late 80's U.S. scene and I can assure you that both tracks will blow up your mind, that's for sure!!! We're talking about melodic hard rock heaven here! "Don't Believe You" is a very nice commercial rocker while in "Barely Breathing" we have yet another killer track that, once again, features Danny Vaughn on vox. "I Want Love" (Terry Ilous), "Why" (Terry Ilous) and "Manhattan" (featuring Nita Strauss on guitars and Dan Michaels on vocals) are three more superb samples of MORANO's brand new work!! 

What an amazingly and surprisingly record is this!!!! It totally blew my mind up!! MORANO with his brand new opus, "Incognito", comes to deliver a strong mix of guitar-driven melodic hard rock with big hooks n' choruses, tons of melodies, a breathtaking list of guests (Danny Vaughn, Terry Ilous, Nita Strauss, Bill Leverty, Michael Foster, Bryan Cole and more..) and, most of all, KILLER SONGS!!! Buy or die!!!

Rating : 10/10 


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