Thursday, July 25, 2019

REVIEW : ROXY BLUE, Roxy Blue (Frontiers Music s.r.l. Release: 9 August 2019)

Roxy Blue was a band that back then, in the golden days of Hair Metal, made a big noise with its debut record entitled "Want Some". Time changed, the music business changed a lot and, unfortunately, this band didn't become bigger. 

Nowadays and after 25 years, Roxy Blue is back with a brand new opus, simply entitled "Roxy Blue" that is gonna be released through Frontiers Music. Original members Todd Poole (vocals), Josh Weil (bass), and Scotty Trammell (drums) are now joined by new guitarist Jeffrey Wade Caughron. (Original guitarist Sid "Boogie" Fletcher has left the music business for a successful career in dentistry.)

Poole says: "ROXY BLUE fans can expect an explosive new album! I think the new record is definitely a different sound than the 1992 version of ROXY BLUE, but not unrecognizable. The new record is much heavier, but still has some cool ballads and hints of early ROXY in there. I feel that it's a well-balanced record."

Indeed, the new album is pretty much heavier than the band's debut. The first couple of tracks, "Silver Lining" and "Rockstar Junkie", prove that. Heavy guitars, rawer an' in-your-face vocals and, in general, these two starters must be played on a maximum volume. Next, we have "Scream". A modern heavy rocker and with a moodier/dark vibe in it, "Scream" is one of my personal favorites here. In "Collide", we have a really impressive and typical Hair Metal ballad in a way that brings back great memories from that golden days. "Outta The Blue", the fistful "Til The Well Runs Dry" and the melodic "How Does It Feel" are all three very good samples of the 'new' Roxy Blue!!!

2019 sees Roxy Blue back in business more aggressive, more powerful, more pissed off and with an updated n' heavier sound that it is not bad at all! For those who loved the band's debut back then, the brand new Roxy Blue has nothing to do with that release. That was then and this now and allow me to say that now Roxy Blue rocks heavier than ever!!

Rating : 8/10 

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