Monday, May 20, 2019

REVIEW : Rob Moratti --- Renaissance (AOR Heaven, Release: 21 June 2019)

For those who love quality AOR/Melodic Rock music, the name of Rob Moratti is a no stranger to them. He started his career as the singer of the band Moratti in the early 90's and continued as the lead singer of the super melodic rock band of Final Frontier. Rob was also the singer of the progressive rock band of SAGA

Nowadays, Rob Moratti strikes back in business with his brand new solo record entitled "Renaissance" that is gonna be released through AOR Heaven in June 21st. The new opus is filled up with edgy guitars, amazing harmonies, memorable hooks n' choruses, well-crafted songs and, of course, with Rob's superb vocal lines in front row. 

The opening tune of "You Are The One" is a melodic rock hymn with strong arrangements, a crunchy guitar sound, a chorus line to sing-a-long and it's among the highlights of "Renaissance". A track that will be loved by any fan of Final Frontier's works. The keyboard-driven gem of "Let Me Be The One" is yet another fantastic song while in "Best Of Me" we are dealing with a slower tune this time. These kinda of tracks show Rob's amazing vocal talent. His warm, passionate voice really shines on here. "Hold On To Love", the west-coast incredible tune of "It's Time To Let Go" and the powerful AOR-ish (with its breathtaking guitar solo...) "I Don't Want To Wait For Ever" are three excellent samples out of "Renaissance". 

With Rob Moratti you know what to expect; beautiful melodies, soaring and heartfull vocals and quality songs! "Renaissance" is one of these albums that will speak through your heart at once! 

Rating : 8,8/10

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