Tuesday, October 9, 2018

REVIEW : PERFECT VIEW --- TIMELESS (Lions Pride Music, 2018)

Perfect View is a very interesting melodic rock/edgy AOR band. With already two solid albums on their back, they are ready to conquer the Euro melodic rock scene with their brand new opus which is entitled "Timeless". The band's debut record, "Hold Your Dreams" back in 2010 was an overall good effort. 

With their second one, "Red Moon Rising", Perfect View offered us a better album all the way. In my humble opinion, "Red Moon Rising" was a better release in every mean; it included better songs, stronger harmonies, catchier hooks n' choruses and it was an album that you should check out if you are a fan of the Euro melodic rock/AOR sound. 

This time and with a new record deal on their side, Lions Pride Music, Perfect View is back in business for good. The new album's title is "Timeless" and it's the band's best work to-date! Yes, Perfect View achieved to include their elements of their first two releases plus an edgier, more melodic approach and the result is just great. 

The first couple of tracks, "Stop Me Kill Me Leave Me" and "Can't Stop The Fire", are solid samples of what's to expect from the new opus. Edgy, melodic and with a big groove Perfect View is ready for big things. "Your Love Is Gone" is a beautiful ballad and reminds a bit of the U.S. late 80's bands (you know the classic hard rock ballads) while in "Don't Look Back" Perfect View delivers a fast-paced melodic hard rock monster that is probably one of the new album's best moments. The more technical and groovier "Fallin'" is just killer and with "Promises" we have yet another winner out of "Timeless". "Promises" is a beautiful up-tempo and more AOR-ish tune that will please every melodic fan out there.   

Perfect View with their brand new album, "Timeless", show us that this band has plenty of talent, well-crafted and well-written songs, heart, passion and in general all the package to take them to a higher level. 

Rating : 8,5/10

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