Sunday, October 7, 2018


NEWMAN is one of the most respectful melodic rock acts that over the years has offered us some great releases. Since its creation, in 1997, Newman has released some great records, as I mentioned above. For me, albums such as the earlier "One Step Closer", "Dance In The Fire" or the later "Under Southern Skies" and "Aerial" are all some excellent stuff of NEWMAN's music.

On September 21st, the band celebrated its 20 years of music and released a double best of album, "Decade II", with some of its best songs from its career. 

On the first cd, we find songs from the excellent albums "Primitive Soul", "The Art Of Balance", "Under Southern Skies", "Siren" but also from the 2015's opus "The Elegance Machine". It's obvious that, if you are a fan of Newman, you already own these albums. All the songs are typical Newman tunes and that means great arrangements, strong vocal lines, memorable hooks and choruses and in one word edgy melodic rock with quality. 

The second cd contains songs that are, some of them, re-arranged, re-recorded and all sounds fresh and new 'cause most of these tunes are never saw the light of day.  

So, bottom line is that NEWMAN's newest album, "Decade II", is an album that has it all; some classic songs from the band's latest recordings but, also, some 'new' melodic rock gems for your ears pleasure. This is a mandatory album!

Rating : 9/10 

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