Wednesday, September 5, 2018

REVIEW : TREAT --- Tunguska (Frontiers Music s.r.l., 14 September 2018)

The legendary Scandi melodic hard rock super group of TREAT is back in business with its brand new opus, "Tunguska", that will be released this September by Frontiers Music. Treat is a band that back in its hey days, it released some great and classic records, no doubt about that. 

Back in 2010, TREAT released its masterpiece album with the title "Coup De Grace" that is still one of my all time favorite albums ever. It's one of those efforts that you can't stop listening to for ages. After the success of "Coup De Grace", the fans of the melodic rock scene were anxious to have another great opus by these guys. In 2016, Treat released "Ghost Of Graceland" that was yet another killer album. 

Nowadays, "Tunguska", the new record, is a fact and after the first couple of spins I have to admit that I'm, once again, impressed!!! But, what is "Tunguska"? “The album title is a reference to a mysterious large explosion that took place in Siberia in 1908, but metaphorically and artistically, "Tunguska" represents the last piece of the puzzle to be put in place since the band’s reunion,” says guitarist, producer and founding member Anders Wikstrom.

In Anders own words :  ”It highlights the unique musicianship we have developed together over the years in the creative songwriting process, but also illustrates how we want our albums to sound and feel in the 21st century. We managed to dig deeper into the lyrical content, and musically, the dynamics in the songs and production are more distinct as we let heavy, raunchy stuff co-exist with the softer side of the band.”  

"Progenitors" kicks-off the new album with a classic still updated Treat sound. A big, in-your-face and melodious to the bone rocker that the long time fans will love!!!! Great opener! The second track, "Always Have, Always Will" is yet another killer tune. More straight forward with a chorus line to die for and the same huge harmonic lines that Treat are well-known for. Excellent!! "Rose Of Jericho", the groovier "Heartmath City" and the melodic sensation of "Build The Love" are all songs that will be future classics. All three include beautiful melodies, great arrangements, superb harmonies and memorable hooks n' choruses. One of the highlights of "Tunguska" is the amazing modern rocker of "Man Overboard". Great arrangements, modern but with all the classic Treat elements included. Brilliant stuff. The emotional ballad of "Tomorrow Never Comes" and the riff-tastic and anthemic "All Bets Are Off" are two more strong moments out of the new opus.  

For me, "Tunguska" is the natural sequel of the band's latest two superb releases. It's an opus that shows Treat at its best to deliver high-quality, solid and classic melodic hard rock stuff!! Highly recommended!!!!!

Rating : 9,5/10

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