Monday, June 4, 2018

REVIEW : SUNSTORM --- Road To Hell (Frontiers Music s.r.l., June 2018)

The name of Joe Lynn Turner is no stranger among the fans of the melodic hard rock in general. This legendary musician has participated in many projects/bands and, also, has a respectful career as a solo artist. Albums such as "Rescue You", "Nothing's Changed" and "Hurry Up And Wait" are all classic in my book. 
Back in 2006, a new project saw the light of day (from Frontiers Music) with the participation of J.L. Turner and Pink Cream 69's members among others. That was a mix of some old songs/demos of Turner that ended up in Sunstorm's debut opus. "House Of Dreams" in 2009 was imho a great record all the way. With "Emotional Fire" in 2012 and the edgier "Edge Of Tomorrow" in 2016, SUNSTORM was not a project but a real band with flesh and blood.

Nowadays, Sunstorm is back with a brand new album with the title "The Road To Hell". This time J.L. Turner has by his side, once again, renewed musicians such as Nik Mazzucconi (bass), Simone Mularoni (guitars), the mighty Alessandro Del Vecchio (keys) and Edo Sala (drums) and the result is once again solid!! 

"The Road To Hell" follows a bit its processor regarding the sound here. I mean that is a bit harder and edgier and that's a thing that I love the most. I really love to hear Mr. Turner singing harder things He's got the voice range and the right skills to take things to heaven!!!! "Only The Good Will Survive", "On The Edge"and the melodious "Blind The Sky" are all three solid samples of the new Sunstorm album. All three include Turner's passionate vocals, a tight musicianship, plenty of melodies and great arrangements. The harder "Future To Come" is just killer melodic hard rock at its best!! Heavier, in parts, with Joe Lynn Turner's magical vocal lines, excellent guitar work and a chorus line to die for this track is pure gem!!!! Other highlights here are the punchy "Resurrection", "State Of Heart" and the rockier "Still Fighting". 

I think that if I haven't convince you yet about the quality of this new Sunstorm album, you should check it out by yourself. "The Road To Hell" is yet another solid opus by a legendary musician such as Joe Lynn Turner is. Highly recommended. 

Rating : 8/10

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