Sunday, June 10, 2018

REVIEW : CRYONIC TEMPLE --- Deliverance (Scarlet Records , 20 July 2018 )

Sweden is not only famous for the Hard Rock/AOR bands. It's, also, well-known for its melodic power metal acts such as Sabaton, Civil War, Astral Doors, Twilight Force and, of course, Cryonic Temple. Cryonic Temple is a veteran in this particular scene and has already released five albums. Nowadays, it strikes back with its brand new opus with the title "Deliverance" through Scarlet Records
Cryonic Temple mixes perfectly the sound of classic bands such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest with some epic and modern melodic metal pinches that make the final result extremely attractive to each and every metal head out there.

This new album is part of an ambitious concept which was started back on the previous ‘Into The Glorious Battle’. It's a concept that takes place into the outer space, somewhere in the distant future. The lyrics here are about war, conflicts (both internal and external), love and hope. Deliverance’ has been produced by Pelle Saether (Steel Attack, Axenstar, Månegarm, Grand Design and many more). The cover artwork was handled by Antonio Jimenez.

This new album starts impressively with the melodic and intense instrumental tune of "The Morning After The Longest Day" that put us immediately into the album's concept and vibe. "Rise Eternally Beyond" is just pure epic melodic metal stuff that includes pounding drum beats, edgy n' heavy guitars, great arrangements and a perfect melody that brings back into my mind Helloween's earlier days!! 

"Through The Storm" is among my personal favorites here and I think that this track is probably one of the best out of the new opus. Heavy but still melodic with a straight forward melody that grabs you and makes you wanna push the repeat button again and again. The melodious ballad of "The Loneliest Man In Space" is excellent while in the modern and more aggressive "Pain And Pleasure" the band delivers some serious in-your-face metal stuff!!! With "Starchild" and "Under Attack" we are dealing with two more highlights out of "Deliverance". Both are heavy, epic, powerful and include this mid-80's power metal sound that I personally love to hear. 

Closing my review, I have to say that Cryonic Temple's newest effort, "Deliverance", is a hell of an album and one of the best power metal records of this year so far!! If you like your metal powerful, epic, classic and loud, then "Deliverance" is a must have!!!

Rating : 8,5/10

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