Sunday, April 1, 2018


Steel City is a new melodic hard rock band that consists of Bryan Cole (Vocals), Mike Floros (Guitars), Scott West (Bass) and Ron McCloskey (Drums) and "Fortress" is entitled its debut opus. The masterminds behind this project were guitarist Mike Floros and singer Bryan Cole that joined their forces and finally created this really amazing debut album that the sure thing is that will make happy each and every single fan of the melodic hard rock scene generally.

The sound of "Fortress" recalls to the melodic hard rock scene of the late 80's, early 90's, and bands such as Giant, Hardline and Tyketto to name a few. The guitars are sharp, edgy and the hooks and choruses are gonna travel you back in time when hard rock ruled the airwaves.

"Do You Love Me". the opener, is pure 80's melodic hard rock delight!! The rhythm, the guitars, the chorus....everything here brings back memories from a golden era!! "Turnabout" is just killer! Groovier, up-tempo and rhythmic to the bone this track is yet another highlight out of this debut. "Too Little Too Late", the mid-tempo rocker "Someone Like You" and the punchy "Passing Ships" are all three superb samples of pure and old-fashioned hard rock stuff at its best full of attitude, emotions and melodies. "Rock In The USA" rocks good and it's another tune that's gonna 'travel' you back in time!! 

The fact with KIVEL RECORDS is that they release quality albums that includes a late 80's vibe in it, that's true. This time STEEL CITY picks up things were bands such as Firehouse, Giant, Hardline and many more left things back then and continue with the same passion and vision!!! The visioon to keep Rock 'n' Roll alive and kickin'..............

Rating : 9/10

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