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The melodic metal band of TEMPERANCE is about to unleash its brand new effort with the title "Of Jupiter And Moons" this April and Luca Negro (bassist) talks with Heavy Paradise about the new exciting record, the band and some other interesting things.

Heavy Paradise : Hello Luca, and welcome back to heavy paradise for this interview! It’s been a long time, almost 4 years and already 4 albums, since our last interview here. So, what happened since our last chat in Temperance camp?

Temperace (Luca): Guys, thank you! It's a great pleasure to stay here with you again!
Basically these four years changed our life as at first as musicians and of course as humans. In just four years Temperance published three studio album and one live DVD, and I think the DVD has been a sort of turning point, including the first Temperance "Era" and closing a circle of events, it represents the evolution of Temperance's first three albums sound. As you know, now Temperance grow up with two new members as lead singers, increasing the sound and reaching the total number of three singers in the band, creating an original twist of modern-metal harmonies. The album "Of Jupiter And Moons" continues the natural Temperance's sound evolution and now we can't wait to play on stage sharing our new songs with you!!
Heavy Paradise : Well, a new album, “Of Jupiter And Moons”, and a new line-up. Allow me to say that your new opus grabbed me at the first spin and left me thrilled! Well done! In my humble opinion, this is probably your best record to-date. Are you satisfied by the result of “Of Jupiter And Moons” and the chemistry of the new line-up?

Temperace (Luca): Thank you!! I'm thrilled too!! As I said before, the new line-up increased the sound so much! It becomes so powerful and adrenaline. This is the first album with our two new singers, you know, but at the same time it is the first official studio record including the very great drumming of Alfonso, who joined the band just one year ago playing on Temperance's DVD. "Of Jupiter And Moons" is a right winess of our new chemistry.
Heavy Paradise : In my ears “Of Jupiter And Moons” sounds a bit more mature compared to your previous recordings. It also sounds more modern. I would dare to say that is a modern melodic metal at its best. Do you accept the label ‘Modern Melodic Metal’ ?

Temperace (Luca): Good question! I think that before starting to define a music genre it's more important that it contains something to convey, I think that the right question probably is not how form or shape the music is, but if what this kind of music contains. I'm a music lover before to be a musician, I think that Temperance is focus on playing music in order to convey both in studio and on stage,
Heavy Paradise : Temperance is a band that likes to perform live a lot. You have already played in a numerous of gigs over the last years with big bands such as Nightwish and Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody to name a couple. How is the feeling to play with ‘big’ bands in front of hundreds of people? 

Temperace (Luca): Oh it's very unique!! Personally my best moments passed as musician are on stage! I really love that dimension, the stage is where Temperance can express at his best!
Heavy Paradise : Let’s get back to your new album. As I already mentioned in my review, your new opus is killer no filler. But, if I had to choose a few tracks as favorites, those would be “The Last Hope In A World Of Hopes”, “Broken Promises”, “Of Jupiter And Moons”, “The Art Of Believing” and the moodier “Empires And Men”. Which are your favorite tunes out of “Of Jupiter And Moons” and why?

Temperace (Luca): I've got two favourite songs! The first is "Empires And Men" because when I wrote that  lyrics I was living a strange period in my life, it's a sort of a prayer. The second is "The Art Of Believing" because is always very fun to play!
Heavy Paradise :  The today’s melodic metal scene is so competitive, no doubt about that. There are many bands in this particular scene that are releasing great albums. How do you see today’s metal scene in general? 

Temperace (Luca) : I started to listen metal music when I was really young, of course I'm fanatic of this kind of music and I really love to collect physical copies of my favourite artists. Over the years not only metal scene, but also the world music scene is changed... 
Like never before now we must support the scene, because it depends on survival by itself! So go to the live shows, support the bands, when you can buy their music and merchandise. If all musicians stopped their competition and started a good collaboration it will probably change something...
Heavy Paradise : Back in 2014, your debut album was a big and pleasant surprise for me!! Personally, I play this disc regularly. From all the Temperance albums, which is the one that you are proud of and which is your least favorite? 

Temperace (Luca) : Sincerely I don't have a least favourite album of our discography. Every albums represent great moments in our life, since the creation process started to the moment that they were released. Of course there is an evolution that passed through our little discography. 
Heavy Paradise : Which are your influences as a band?

Temperace (Luca)  : As a band and as musicians we are influenced by many things around us, expecially what happens in the world of music. But I think that in "Of Jupiter And Moons" we can find really great influences in the world of the cinema and the movies, expecially in science fiction fims. One of all is "Interstellar" by Christopher Nolan, a movie that impressed very much every members of the band and I feel the mood of this movie inside our album.
Heavy Paradise : You have released a video from your new album, the self-titled song “Of Jupiter And Moons”. Are there any plans of another video in the near future?

Temperace (Luca) : We are preaparing other material for something new... :-))) 
Heavy Paradise : As I mentioned above, Temperance is a live band!! Do you have any scheduled live performances and is there any possibility to see you live in Greece?  

Temperace (Luca) : Yes! We played in Greece last year, and it was really magic! It will probably happens again before the 2018 ends! I hope so.
Heavy Paradise : At this point, I have to say thank you for this interview and to wish you all the best with your future plans and dreams.

Temperace (Luca) : Thank you guys, I hope to see you really soon in the beautiful Greece!! "Have you heard the sound of Jupiter?" :-)))

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