Sunday, February 11, 2018

REVIEW : Öblivïon -- Resilience (2018, ROAR ! Rock Of Angles Records)

The "Dream Team" of today's French metal scene is a new band called ÖBLIVÏON. Their debut record "RESILIENCE" is armed and ready to 'hit' the stores on February 23rd through Rock Of Angels Records. The band consists of Jo Amore on vocals (Now Or Never, Temple Of Dio, ex Nightmare), David Amore  on drums (ex Nightmare), Markus Fortunato on bass (Fortunato, ex MZ), Steff Rabilloud on guitars (Urgent, Hey Stoopids, Eye On Maiden, ex Nightmare) and Florian Lagoutte on guitars (ex Despairhate, ex Fenrir, Forsaken World).

The sound of Öblivïon is basically power metal with strong, powerful and in-your-face vocals, thunderous drumming, twin guitar attack and plenty of melodies for the extra flavor.

After the short but intense intro of "Spectra Warrior", it comes the first sample of Öblivïon's music. "Honor And Glory" will blow your up mind with its powerful metallic sound and Jo Amore's 'metal' vocals. A true 'metal to the bone' song that will put a big smile upon the face of every fan of this sound. "In The Arms Of A Queen" is a killer tune! Fast-paced and more hard rockin' this one is fabulous! "Bells From Babylon", "Shine In My Galaxy" and "Punished By The Crowd" are all three solid samples of pure Euro melodic power metal stuff! All three songs include strong arrangements, sharp and heavy guitars, powerful performances and they must be played on a maximum volume! Another highlight out of this debut is without any doubt the song that closes the album. "Dreamers, Believers" is a track that brings back the early DIO days with its classic heavy metal sound. Excellent!!

Öblivïon with their debut record, "Resilience", bring some serious and ass-kickin' classic metal stuff and they are ready to make some noise out there!

Rating : 8,5/10

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