Tuesday, February 13, 2018

REVIEW : Maverick --- Cold Star Dancer (2018, Metalapolis Records)

This is yet another release that I was anxiously waiting for to listen to! After the really impressive "Big Red" back in 2016, Maverick is back in business with their brand new opus which is entitled "Cold Star Dancer" through Metalapolis Records.

"Big Red" was a damn fine piece of pure and old-fashioned hard rock stuff that was heavenly influenced by bands such as Tyketto, Skid Row and Firehouse to name a few and left me hungry for more. My advice to all of you is to check out, if you haven't already, this awesome record immediately.

This new record is movin' to same heavy rock paths of "Big Red", and that means it includes heavy riffs and solos, catchy hook lines and memorable choruses and, of course, powerful vocal lines by the one and only David Balfour!!!!

After the intro of "Dusk", it comes the real thing; "Cold Star Dancer" is the first highlight here! Melodic and powerful with this late 80's hard rock vibe and a chorus line to die for! Man, I just love this one! The fast-paced "Myrmidon" and the groovier "Kiss Of Fire" are two more solid heavy rock tracks while in "Goodbye" Maverick brings back the late 80's hair metal scene with style. The commercial vibe along with the more melodic approach here makes this one one of the best tracks of the new album.

With "Seize The Day", the boys deliver yet another killer tune! Somewhere between Tyketto and Warrant "Seize The Day" must be played on a maximum volume in a hot summer night (if you know what I'm talkin' about). The heavier "Viper", the Tyketto-esque "Devil's Night" and "Jessie's Girl" are all superb samples of pure hard rock stuff!!

Killer album, just killer!!! Maverick with their brand new album, "Cold Star Dancer", fulfilled my expectations in the best way and released such an amazing album. Powerful vocals, choruses to sing-a-long for days, screaming guitars and a bunch of some killer songs!!! 

Rating : 9,5/10 

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