Saturday, January 20, 2018


Stray Bullets is an Italian hard rock band that was formed back in 2007 in Verona. Back then the band started to write its own songs and the result was "Lost Soul Town", an album with ten tracks entirely played and recorded by the band as a home-made recording.

In the years that followed, STRAY BULLETS 'faced' the necessary line-up changes but also took a more sleaze-hard rock direction to become the band that nowadays comes with its debut record which is entitled "Shut Up".

"Shut Up" includes most of the songs from their "Lost Soul Town" album. All the songs here are  re-written and re-arranged according to the soul and style of the new line-up.

After a couple of spins of "Shut Up", I have to say that I enjoyed a lot this new album. This band tries hard to capture the vibe of the U.S. sleaze hard rock scene of the mid 80's, early 90's, and, in my humble opinion, the final result is more than ok!! They have the right attitude (just check out 'Get On You', 'Candy' and 'Sex Pot'), some nice and catchy hooks n' choruses, crunchy guitars and the passion to take their work in a higher level in the near future.

To sum up here, Stray Bullets with their brand new "Shut Up" record delivers a solid piece of pure sleaze hard rock stuff that leaves a big promise for bigger things in the near future. Well done!

Rating : 7/10


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