Saturday, December 2, 2017

REVIEW : SILKED & STAINED --- LOVE ON THE ROAD (Lions Pride Music, 2017)

It seems like the good bands from Greece are gettin' more and more these days. The last strike is with a band from that is called Silked & Stained. The band is hailing from Athens, Greece, and "Love On The Road" is entitled its debut album through Lions Pride Music
The band's debut single, "Much Love" was featured at Pure Rock 7 compilation by Atlantis Records and has gained a lot of attention, receiving good airplay and staying at the top 20 chart of Atlantis Fm 105,2 for almost two months. Silked & Stained since its creation, it played in many line gigs and achieved to create its own fan base. So, the timing was perfect for these Greek rockers to release their debut album.

"Bombshell" kicks-off this debut in a such impressive way; a heavy riffing, a totally late 80's sound and, of course, a catchy and memorable chorus line as the cherry on top! Love it! "Hold My Hand" sounds like the perfect soundtrack for your summer love adventures!! You know how it goes here; girl meets boy, boy meets girl with "Hold My Hand" as the perfect background!! More AOR-ish with a killer hook line this track is one of my favorites out of this album. 
"Much love" is just pure candy in my ears! More straight forward and with a melody that sticks into your mind at once, this one is another winner here. "Anytime" is a very good power ballad while with "Believe" the boys deliver another strong hard rock track (and probably one of the best out of 'Love On The Road') that includes a killer guitar work. The song that closes this really impressive debut, "Born To Run", is yet another highlight! A track that could be a major hit back in the late 80's and would probably be in a daily basis in MTV!!!

Bottom line is that Silked & Stained with this really amazing and solid debut record leave a big promise for the future for even bigger things. A damn strong album that includes some killer tunes in it, a great musicianship and a positive vibe in it!!

Rating : 8,8/10

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