Friday, December 1, 2017

REVIEW : Blood Red Saints -- Love Hate Conspiracies (26 January 2018, AOR Heaven)

Back in 2015 Blood Red Saints released their debut album, "Speedway", that left me hungry for more. A damn well-played, well-crafted and solid slice of pure melodic hard rock bliss. For sure one of the best debuts of that day that is still in a regular basis in my cd player. 
Nowadays, Blood Red Saints are back with two new members on board and with a new record deal, this time with AOR Heaven, to rock our world once again with a new opus which is entitled "Love Hate Conspiracies".

The new record takes a harder and more in-your-face approach and that can be heard with the opener tune of "Another Freak". It's heavier, modern with more attitude and features Pete Godfrey's raspy vocals. "Live & Die", "Wake Up" and "Love Hate Conspiracies" are three more great samples of the 'new' Blood Red Saints. All three include bigger groove, a bigger sound, louder choruses and, of course, more attitude. I really love the new direction of Blood Red Saints
"Exit Wounds" is the first slow moment of the new album and it's just beautiful. A superb mid-tempo song with some really sweet harmonies in it and a chorus line to die for. "Is It Over" 'speeds' up things again while with "Sometimes" we are dealing with a killer and more commercial melodic rock gem. Especially with "Sometimes" I caught myself whistling the chorus line for days. The song that closes the new Blood Red Saints album, "Turn On The Night", is just another highlight with a monstrous hook and chorus. 

Blood Red Saints are back with yet another killer melodic rock album. Mark 26th of January on your calendar and go out to grab your copy of this really solid release. "Love Hate Conspiracies" is a true hard rock album that the sure thing is that will satisfy each and every fan of this scene. 

Rating : 8,5/10

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