Thursday, November 16, 2017

REVIEW : Raintimes -- Raintimes (2017, Frontiers Music s.r.l.)

Now this is another release that I was looking forward to listen. After the three amazing singles that I've heard (Forever Gone, Swan and Don't Ever Give Up) I was blown away and I was waiting patiently to receive the promo to write my review. But let's take things from the start and see some things about 'who is who' Raintimes.

Raintimes is a new melodic rock project/band that consists of Pierpaolo “Zorro” Monti (Charming Grace, Shining Line) and Davide Barbieri (Wheels of Fire, Charming Grace) together with the awesome singer Michael Shotton (Von Groove). The lineup is rounded up by Sven Larsson and Ivan Gonzalez on guitars and Andrea Gipponi on bass.

Raintimes is an album that I really wanted to use as a tribute to my love and admiration for The Storm,” says Pierpaolo Monti. And Dave adds. "We're absolutely honored to release our debut album under this renowned brand, which is well-known for offering premium quality rock music to all the fans worldwide!"

The first big moment comes with the opener tune of "Forever Gone". Man, I just love this one! Pure gold, high-class AOR stuff with a melody that sticks into your mind at once! Brilliant stuff!! In "Make My Day", the ultra-catchy "Don't Give Up" and "I Need Tonight" Raintimes deliver three superb melodic rock gems that back in the hey days of MTV would be major hits. All three songs 'smells' mid 80's from miles away and include great arrangements, beautiful melodies/harmonies to die for and impressive guitar licks. Melodic heaven!!  

"Just A Little Bit More" is one of these songs that fills your heart with beautiful emotions and "Together As Friends" is yet another killer AOR tune with just another killer chorus line to sing-a-long for days. Both tracks are among my personal favorites from this debut.  

Probably one of the best, if not the best, AOR record for 2017. Melodies and harmonies to die for, great musicianship, great and emotional tracks and an overall mid 80's vibe in this really breathtaking record. For fans of Work Of Art, One Desire, First Signal, Von Groove and The Storm this is a mandatory release.

Rating : 9,5/10

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