Saturday, November 11, 2017


Mindfeels is a new Italian melodic rock band and nowadays they present us their debut record through Art Of Melody MusicBurning Minds Music Group. The band was originally formed, back in 1994, as Dejanira and, after the necessary line-up changes, they changed their name to Mindfeels.

Mindfeels since their creation showed their love to the American AOR/Westcoast legends TOTO. They set their playlist with cover songs and instrumental performances of their idols and they joined forces, as Dejanira, with female singer Raffaella Miani, who fronted the band for the recording of their first, unreleased album, which they self-produced.

Their debut album, "XXenty", marks the celebration of their more than two decades of music together. The music of Mindfeels, as you can all assume by reading the review so far, is based on Westcoast/AOR and that means beautiful melodies, tight arrangements, solid performances and some really interesting tunes that make this release a must-have for every melodic rock fan in general.

If I had to choose some highlights from "XXenty", those would be the 'punchier' "Soul Has Gone Away" (with its killer guitar solo), "Hidden Treasures", the 100% TOTO-esque "Skyline", the beautiful "These Words" and the proggy melodic rock gem of "Touch The Stone".

Overall, this is an extremely interesting album all the way. Movin' carefully between Westcoast and some more Melodic Rock (or even prog rock) paths "XXenty" is a must have for every rock fan in general who loves the 'quite' side of melodic rock.

Rating : 8/10

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