Sunday, November 12, 2017


Enrico Sarzi is no stranger among the fans of the European hard rock scene. After 13 years as a a front-man of Midnite Sun and as a guest in a couple of strong projects ( Moonstone Project and Shining Line) the time has come for Sarzi to release his debut album with the title "Drive Through" via Street Symphonies Records / Burning Minds Music Group.

The music here is basically hard rock with a strong dose of some ol' heavy blues pinches and some newer elements as well that makes the final result extremely attractive.

The opening tune of "Shameless" is solid. A hard rocking tune with some excellent guitar work in it, passionate vocals plus a strong heavy blues sound that makes it a great opener.  "Afraid To Be Myself" is a cool and more laid-back rocker that includes a really nice melody in it. "S.O.S. To God" is yet another interesting moment out of this debut. A mid-tempo rocker that features a nice groove and, of course, Sarzi's soulful vocals in front row. 

"Strange Freedom" is an emotional ballad while in the acoustic "Inferno" (with the killer solo) we are dealing with yet another highlight of "Drive Through". "Let Me Go" rocks and in the amazing and very emotional "Cielo" Sarzi sang in his mother language.

An overall strong release by an artist that puts heart and soul in every single moment here and creates a soulful debut that will be appreciated by any rock fan out there. 

Rating : 8/10 

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