Monday, October 2, 2017

REVIEW : Wildness --- Wildness (2017, AOR Heaven)

The idea to create a solid melodic rock band began back in 2013. The main idea was to create a sound that was focusing on crunchy guitars, catchy hooks n' choruses, lots of keys and, of course, tons of melodies. That was the time that Wildness took flesh and bones (with the necessary line-up adds).

On September 1st, Wildness released their debut single, "Collide", and immediately gained a lot of spins at various digital platforms such as a number of online radio stations focused on AOR and Melodic Rock. Live performances that followed showed that the band was capable of delivering on stage as well.

One year later, the band released another single, "Turning The Pages", and after that Wildness was approached by Georg Siegl of German record label AOR Heaven to offer them a contract with his label.

So the wait is finally over cause Wildness proudly present their debut album (with Erik Wigelius who handles the mixing and the mastering) that includes also the two previous singles ”Collide” and ”Turning The Pages” were re-recorded for the album.

"War Inside My Head" kicks-off this debut in such an amazing way! A fistful and ass-kickin' hard rock gem that takes no prisoners! This one will be loved by the Eclipse fans as well! After the breathtaking opener comes the next highlight of the new opus; "Stranger" is yet another killer melodic hard rock track that includes powerful vocals, crunchy guitars and a chorus line to die for. With "Shadowland", the key-driven "Alibi" and "Collide" you'll get a strong dose of some excellent melodic heavy rock stuff at its best. Every song features every little thing that we love from this kinda of music.

Do you want more? Then, check out, also, "Highlands" (another very Eclipse-esque tune), the AOR-ish "Your Last Romance" and "Falling Down" which flirts with the late 80's hair metal scene.

Overall, this is a great debut all the way!! It includes the best elements from the Scandinavian Melodic Hard Rock scene and also a strong dose of the late 80's melodic rock sound and the result is simply breathtaking. Easily one of the top releases of 2017!!! 

Rating : 9,5/10

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