Saturday, October 14, 2017

REVIEW : TYKETTO --- Live From Milan (2017, Frontiers Music s.r.l.)

The band that is synonymous with the ultimate hard rock anthem such as 'Forever Young' is, Tyketto, is back with a live album entitled "Tyketto, Live From Milan". With a line-up comprised of founding members vocalist Danny Vaughn and drummer Michael Clayton Arbeeny along with guitar wizard Chris Green and TEN keyboardist Ged Rylands, TYKETTO co-headlined “Day 1” of FRF IV and blew the roof off with their performance of this classic album.

It's one of those live performances that every serious hard rock fan should have been there, no doubt 'bout that. "Don't Come Easy" is a classic in my book and I think that is a classic among the fans of this particular scene.

Songs like "Sail Away", the ultra commercial "Nothing But Love", "Lay Your Body Down", the huge ballad "Standing Alone", "Wings" and, of course, the ultimate anthem of "Forever Young" are some of the songs that you'll listen to in this brand's new live release. The crowd participates in each and every song and Danny Vaughn's performances are top notch as always. Green's guitar work smokes and the rhythm section is tight as hell!

There are always a couple of songs from the band later albums and, also, in the deluxe edition you can find a DVD for more ear and eyes pleasure!!!

For the die-hards of Tyketto, this is a MUST have, period! For the rest of you that love quality and ass-kicking hard rock music, go and check out this superb live release. A top live record!

Rating : 9,5/10

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