Friday, October 20, 2017

REVIEW : Shakra --- Snakes & Ladders (2017)

After the amazing last album "High Noon", the German hard rock band of Shakra strikes back with their brand new opus "Snakes & Ladders". "High Noon" made it to #2 in the Swiss album charts and, also, entered the German charts.

Once again Shakra delivers a solid album all the way full of superb melodies, powerful performances by Mark Fox, heavy guitar riffs from Thomas Muster, emotional solos from lead guitarist Thom Blunier and a tight as hell rhythm section from Roger Tanner and bass player Dominik Pfister.

The track that opens the new record "Cassandra's Curse" is what Shakra is all about; all the above mentioned things plus a late Gotthard (with Steve Lee (R.I.P.)) feeling that explodes the final result into a higher level. "Friday Nightmare" is just pure Euro melodic hard rock/metal bliss and the same goes for "Snakes & Ladders", "The Seeds" and "Rollin'" which all include solid arrangements, powerful performances and great guitar work.

One of the best tracks out of this new record is without any doubt the incredible moodier rocker of "Something You Don't Understand". This song grabbed me at once with its haunting melody and its majestic chorus line! Excellent!

The punchier rockers "Medicine Man", the fast-paced "I Will Rise Again" and "Fire In My Veins" are all three tracks that were built up to be played on maximum volume!! Ass-kickin' hard rock stuff with a metallic edge that takes no prisoners!! 

Shakra is a band that over the years seems to be better! Yes, this band gets better and better with each release and takes things to a higher level. "Snakes And Ladders" is an album that will kick some major asses, no doubt 'bout that! For every serious fan of the Euro Melodic Hard n' Heavy scene, this album is a must have!

Rating : 9/10 

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